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Wilton YMCA Gymnastics

Wilton Y Gymnasts Show Strong Results at Southington Qualifier on Jan. 15

On January 15, the Wilton YMCA Gymnastics Team competed in the Southington Qualifier. With over 160 athletes competing, the Wilton girls showed strong team spirit and pride.

Level 3:  Jennifer Von Bartheld scored 9.4 on bars (2nd), 9.1 on beam (4th), 9.650 on floor (5th) and placed 2nd All-Around. Kaelyn Talisse scored 9.3 on vault (tied for 2nd), 9.1 on bars, an incredible 9.9 on floor (1st) and placed 5th All-Around. Geneva Southworth scored 9.0 on beam and 9.550 on floor. Mckayla Iacoponi scored 9.3 on vault (tied for 2nd), Ella Mancuso scored 9.0 on floor and Cailyn Cruickshank scored 9.750 on floor (4th). Isabella Silverstein scored 9.250 on vault (3rd) and 9.150 on floor. Teagan Stengrim scored 9.3 on floor and Sofia Vetti scored 9.050 on vault. Madelyn Mosquera scored 9.050 on beam and 9.450 on floor. Fiona Walsh scored 9.050 on floor.

Level 4:  Alyssa Smeriglio scored 9.250 on beam (2nd), 9.5 on floor, placed 4th on bars and well-deservedly finished as the All-Around champion. On floor, Alyssa Mariani scored 9.550, Ella Arghirescu scored 9.250, Isabella Giordano scored 9.3, and Gemma Huck scored 9.4 and placed 5th on beam. Simona Gheorge and Samantha Bauer each scored 9.050 on floor.

Level 5:  Ashley Umhoefer scored 9.7 on floor (2nd), placed 2nd on beam, 4th on vault, tied for 4th on bars and earned the 2nd highest All-Around score. Kaylie Berghaus scored 9.4 on floor (4th), placed 2nd on bars and 5th All-Around. Donna Stepnowsky scored 9.050 on floor and placed 4th on beam. Sofia Blessing scored 9.0 on floor and tied for 4th on bars, and Chloe Jureller scored 9.650 on floor (3rd) and placed 5th on vault.

Level 6:  Emily D’Onofrio scored 9.3 on beam (1st), placed 3rd in bars and 4th All-Around. Isabella Jureller placed 5th on beam. Emma Daugherty scored 9.0 on vault (2nd) and Katie Walsh placed 4th on vault.

Level 7:  Sarah Cross (pictured, left) performed an amazing perfect 10 routine on floor (1st) – congratulations Sarah! She also placed 2nd on beam, 3rd on bars, 4th on vault and 2nd All-Around. Mia Karlehag scored 9.6 on floor (2nd), placed 2nd on bars, 3rd on beam and vault, and placed 3rd All-Around.

Wilton Y Gymnastics Team Members Compete in Flippers Invitational, Jan. 20-22

This past weekend, the Wilton YMCA Gymnastics Team travelled to Glastonbury to compete in the Flippers Invitational Gymnastics Meet. Over a three-day period, the gymnasts flipped, leapt and tumbled their way through the events.

Overall, the Level 5, 6 and 7 Teams each placed 2nd All Around, the Level 4 Team placed 5th All Around and the Level 3 Team placed 6th All Around.

Level 3:  For ages 9 Senior, Cailyn Cruickshank dazzled on the floor, scoring 9.4 (1st), 9.0 on vault, 9.15 on bars (3rd), and placing 5th All Around. For ages 10 Senior, Kaelin Telisse had a great meet, scoring 9.150 (3rd) on vault, 9.7 (1st) on beam, 9.2 (2nd) on floor, placing 3rd on bars and 2nd All Around. For ages 11, Jennifer Von Bartheld had a strong performance, scoring 9.1 on vault (4th), 9.050 on bars (2nd), 9.5 on beam (4th), 9.0 on floor and placing 3rd All Around. Geneva Southworth scored 9.0 on vault (5th), 9.0 on beam, and 9.1 on floor (5th). Ella Mancuso scored 9.150 on floor (4th). For ages 12 and older, Nina Ferucci scored 9.050 on beam (4th) and placed 3rd on bars. Maddy Mosquera placed 5th on beam and floor.

Level 4:  For ages 8-9, Alyssa Mariani wowed the crowd, scoring 9.050 on bars (2nd), 9.0 on beam (4th), placing 3rd on floor and claiming the title of All Around Champion. For ages 11, Alyssa Smeriglio effortlessly scored 9.55 on bars (2nd), 9.1 on floor (2nd), and placed 5th All Around. Ella Arghirescu scored 9.1 on beam (4th). For ages 13 and up, Isabella Giordano showed a strong performance, scoring 9.6 on bars (1st), 9.0 on beam (4th) and placing 2nd All Around. Simona Gheorghe scored 9.150 on beam (2nd), placed 5th on floor and All Around.

Level 5:  In ages 9-10, Ashley Umhoefer was cool under pressure, scoring 9.1 on vault (4th), 9.050 on bars (3rd), 9.2 on beam (4th), 9.2 on floor (1st) and placing 3rd All Around. In ages 12, Alyson Scheurkogel had an incredible performance, scoring 9.6 on bars (1st), 9.850 on beam (2nd), 9.1 on floor (5th) and placing 2nd All Around. Donna Stepnowsky scored 9.150 on vault (4th) and 9.2 on floor (3rd). Chloe Jureller scored 9.050 on vault (5th) and 9.150 on floor (4th). Grace Condon scored 9.2 on bars (3rd) and 9.250 on beam (5th). In ages 13 and older, Ava Walker scored 9.50 on beam (1st) and placed 5th on vault. Michaela Kane placed 5th on vault, bars and floor.

Level 6:  In ages 13, Peyton Gildersleeve led the way with scores of 9.450 on floor (1st), 9.3 on bars (5th), 9.6 on beam (3rd) and placing 3rd All Around. Emily D’Onofrio scored 9.050 on vault (5th), 9.050 on bars and 9.550 on beam (5th). Emilia Riina scored 9.4 on bars (2nd) and 9.2 on floor. Jessica Wu scored 9.1 on vault (4th), 9.150 on bars and 9.1 on floor. Grace Chan scored 9.150 on floor. In ages 14, Isabella Jureller had a strong meet, scoring 9.350 on beam (1st), 9.3 on floor (2nd), placing 3rd on bars, 4th on vault and 3rd All Around. Katie Walsh scored 9.050 on beam (3rd), placed 3rd on vault, 4th on floor, 5th on bars and 4th All Around. In ages 15 and older, Jenna Smeriglio was on point, scoring 9.4 on beam (1st), 9.1 on floor (1st), placing 4th on bars and 3rd All Around.

Level 7:  In ages 10-11, Sarah Cross (pictured, left and main image) had another fantastic meet, placing 1st on beam with her second perfect 10 of the season, 9.350 on floor (1st), 9.0 on bars (1st), 9.0 on vault (3rd), and grabbing the All Around title. Mia Karlehag scored 9.050 on vault (2nd), 9.250 on floor (3rd), and placed 3rd on bars, beam and All Around. In ages 12, Olivia Mannino scored 9.150 on vault, and 9.0 on beam and floor. In ages 13, Sarah Collias scored 9.150 on vault (2nd), 9.0 on floor (4th), placed 5th on bars, and 4th on beam and All Around. In ages 14 and older, Kate Ginsburg led the way with 2nd place across the board in all four events and All Around, scoring 9.050 on vault, 9.550 on beam, and 9.2 on floor. Alyssa Jarrett scored 9.250 on beam (4th), 9.0 on floor, and placed 4th on bars and All Around. Emma Daughterty placed 3rd on bars.

Wilton Hoops

Wilton 4th Grade Boys Fall Short to New Canaan, 16-19; Tie Greenwich 24-24

The Wilton 4th Grade Boys, sponsored by Diamond Deli, lost a hard fought battle against New Canaan by a score of 16-19.

The Future Warriors were led by the scoring of Liam McKiernan (10 points, 6 rebounds) and Jack Schwartz (4 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists). Henry Soojian also contributed on the offensive end (2 points, 2 rebounds).

Defensively, Wilton was led by Grady Kaliski (3 steals, 5 rebounds), Ryan Luchetta (1 steal, 3 rebounds), Luke Ginsburg (1 steal, 2 rebounds) and Patrick Lillis (1 steal). Despite a strong start by New Canaan, Wilton quickly responded and held a 12-8 lead at the half. After several, second-half lead changes the Future Warriors came up just short in the end.

At their Friday, Jan. 20 game, the team demonstrated offensive and defensive prowess versus the Greenwich Flame. The entire game proved to be a nail-biter. At halftime the score was 11-11 followed by an amazing 3-pointer drilled by Kalisky (6 points, 4 rebounds) in regulation that sent the team into overtime.

This game marked Cael Dexter’s first time on the court after an early season injury, and he was a force, grabbing 11 boards to go along with his 8 points and three assists. Matt Garcia (4 points, 3 rebounds) and Luke Perna (4 points, 6 steals, 4 rebounds) provided more offense, while Nathaniel Kalter (5 rebounds, 3 steals), Charlie Keller (2 points, 3 steals) and Mason Andrews (2 points, 3 rebounds) provided the defensive spark. The end result for the 4th grade boys was a tie score of 24-24.

Wilton 56ers Extend Record to 9-3 with Three Weekend Wins

The Wilton 56ers Boys (5th and 6th Grade) Basketball team won their first weekend game on Friday, Jan. 20, against Trumbull Gardens with a final score of 68-52.

Wilton traded baskets with Trumbull throughout the first half, and the 56ers found themselves trailing by two points (29-27) in the end of the first half against an aggressive Trumbull team.

The Warriors turned on the offense with 3-pointers made by sharp shooters Colin Tsai and Declan Brokaw early in the third quarter, and then went on a 13-point run and never looked back. Guards Andrew Roth and Michael Wall created plays throughout the game, feeding center Bailey Finn in the paint, where he scored a game high of 37 points.

The 2-3 zone defense was unstoppable in the second half. Wyatt Jones, Michael Byrnes, Andre Wiest, Jefferson Mitchell and Kyle Roesser made Trumbull work for their baskets. With the strong defense and tenacious offense Wilton pulled away from Trumbull, who was unable to stop Wilton from the inside or outside and began committing fouls, which Wilton capitalized on. Brokaw, Finn, Harrison Lent, Mitchell and Roth scored a combined score of 15 points from free throws made. It was a great all around effort from each of the players and great coaching from coach John Redding and assistant coach Terrance Ditimi.

That victory was followed up by a home-court thriller on Saturday afternoon, Jan. 21, over a New Canaan opponent that had a 22-19 half-time lead. Wilton’s transition and inside ball movement were met by New Canaan’s lethal perimeter shooting. A concerted defensive effort carried the day for Wilton. The Finn/Roth connection continued to dominate the stat sheet while Mitchell’s relentless pressure allowed for numerous steals from Lent and Byrnes. Shooting guards Tsai and Brokaw extended New Canaan’s zone allowing Wiest and Roesser room to work the inside. A fourth quarter momentum shift was initiated by a Wall breakaway and subsequent free throws. New Canaan did not have an answer to Jones’ fancy footwork and speed. The Warriors finished this exciting game with a one point victory, 38-37. Spencer Liston was injured but his teammates hope to see him back on the court soon.

The 5th/6th grade boys extended their overall winning record to 9-3, on Sunday, Jan. 22 in their victory against a determined Trumbull-St Theresa. The game began with the two teams trading baskets leading to an almost even game at the end of the first quarter. Early efforts from Mitchell (4 points) and Byrnes (5 points) gave Wilton a slight edge (10-8) as the first quarter ended with both teams looking to break out.

Wilton built real positive momentum in the second quarter bringing the score to 22-12 by the half time buzzer. Great work on the floor by Wiest (4 points) and Tsai (6 points) earned Wilton their 10-point lead. Brokaw (5 points) also registered one of the team’s “all net” 3-pointers.

Led by Roth’s agile performance (18 points), Wilton’s lead grew to 20 points at the end of the third quarter. Roesser (4 points), Lent (4 points) and Wall (2 points) all helped build this sizable lead. With Wilton comfortably in charge of the court, they held their lead throughout the fourth quarter to remain on top and register another win with a final score of 52-35 at the buzzer.

Jefferson Mitchell at the line for a free throw (Photo: Lilly Byrnes)

7th Grade Boys Defeat Monroe and Danbury

The Wilton 7th grade Boys basketball team, sponsored by Servco, defeated Monroe in an away contest, 58-49. The boys came out and took charge in the first quarter going up 15-9. Craig Hyzy (5 points, 2 rebounds), Zarius Eusebe (8 points, 2 assists) and Connor Cummins (6 points, 9 rebounds) contributed early points to build the lead. In the second quarter, Monroe pressed, causing some turnovers, allowing them to recover the deficit and leave the score locked at 23-23 to end the half. In the third quarter, Wilton brought  defensive pressure led by some key steals by Parker Woodring (8points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 7 steals). Sean Wiseman also added a big steal that led to a sweet assist to Kevin Hyzy (2 points, 2 assists, 2 rebounds). By holding Monroe to only 8 points Wilton led 37-31 at the end of the third quarter. Both teams shot very well in the fourth quarter with Wilton racking up the assists:  Matt Giller (2 points, 2 assist) and Dillon Mannix (2 assists, 3 rebounds) delivered mostly to Max Andrews giving him a double-double (19 points, 10 rebounds). Max Silva dropped his second 3-pointer (6 points) to firm up the lead. With time winding down, Wilton delivered at the free throw line, adding 8 points, giving them 21 points in the closing quarter of play.

In a late Sunday (Jan. 22) game, the Servco 7th graders had a confident win over visiting Danbury, 48-38. Fans in attendance were treated to a much better game than either of the NFL blowouts! Silva helped Wilton win the first quarter (10-8) with his 3-pointer and 3 rebounds. Wilton opened it up in the second quarter, scoring 19 points, thanks to Giller (9 points, 2 rebounds) and C. Hyzy (8 points, 3 rebounds). Wilton also held Danbury to only 6 points in the second quarter due to some solid defense and key steals by Mannix (2 steals) and K. Hyzy (6 rebounds, 3 steals). Woodring and Andrews were “twinning” as both had 6 points and 7 rebounds. Eusebe had a game-high 10 points. Cummins (4 points, 3 rebounds) was feeling strong as he dished out two blocks to help Wilton end the third quarter 41-24. Danbury dug in in the fourth quarter and staged a bit of a rally. Wiseman helped stuff the rally with a late steal, going coast to coast and gave Cummins an easy put back. To a team that Wilton only beat by 2 points in December, this time they wrapped it up 48-38.

Wilton 7th/8th Grade Boys Basketball Win 1, Lose 1

The Wilton 7th/8th grade boys team, sponsored by Abercrombie, Burns, McKeirnan & Co. Insurance, Inc., entered this last weekend on an eight-game winning streak. The team first hosted a big and aggressive Norwalk TMT team Saturday. Wilton went down 8-18 after the first quarter, as Norwalk pressed virtually every inbound. The boys did not give up, however, outscoring Norwalk in the second and third quarters on the back of strong performances by John McMahon (10 points, 6 rebounds), Jermaine Vincent (13 points, 2 rebounds) and Jack Lynch (10 points, 2 rebounds), leaving the game tied 38-38 at the end of the third quarter. Also contributing were Davis Cote (6 points, 2 assists), Ben Weiner (5 points, 3 assists) and Andre Long (2 points, 1 assist). As it has throughout the season, Wilton also played strong defense, led by Jimmy McKeirnan (2 rebounds, 3 steals) and Sam Strazza (1 assist, 1 rebound), who took a hard charge at a key point in the game.  Ultimately, however, Norwalk’s interior rebounding and press defense was too much, as Wilton fell 47-59.

On Sunday, Wilton travelled to Stamford to play the JCC’s team, looking to avenge the prior day’s tough loss.  The team upped their intensity on both sides of the ball, and got balanced contributions from the entire squad en route to a solid win.  The team led 24-12 at halftime as the backcourt of McKeirnan (8 points, 7 rebounds, 1 steal), Strazza (7 points, 2 rebounds), Vincent (7 points, 3 assists, 2 rebounds), Weiner (5 points, 2 assists, 2 rebounds), AJ Presiano (4 points, 2 rebounds), EJ Fasano (3 points, 2 assists, 3 rebounds) and Dylan Smith (1 assist, 1 rebound) moved the ball around well and created lots of opportunities.  In the second half, Wilton’s “Bigs”–McMahon (6 points, 1 assist, 2 rebounds), Long (4 points, 2 assists, 5 rebounds), Cote (2 points, 1 assists, 3 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 block) and Lynch (4 points, 1 assist, 2 rebounds) battled hard on the boards to ensure the 50-35 victory.

6th Grade Girls Defeat St. Teresa’s of Trumbull, 22-19, Followed by Loss to Ridgefield

The 6th grade girls basketball team, sponsored by the Little Pub, beat St. Teresa’s of Trumbull, 22-19. The game went down to the wire with an exciting finish. The girls were led on offense by Molly Snow, who scored the first 4 points for Wilton with Kendall Scholz, Ava Fasano, Heather Plowright, Mary Scally and Kelly Hologram all contributing to scoring.

On Sunday, Jan. 22, the Wilton girls lost a heartbreaker to Ridgefield. The offense was directed by Emerson Pattillo and Lucy Corry with pivotal plays by Sawyer Pendergast and Charlotte Casiraghi, who rebounded and played great defense. Scholz tied the game with a jump shot only, to lose in the last second.

8th Grade Boys Busy Schedule Includes Winning Martin Luther King Day Tournament, Falling in McGivney Holiday Classic Semis, Plus Two Regular-Season Wins

Wilton 8th Grade Boys, sponsored by Tavern on 7, won the Bristol Boys and Girls Club Martin Luther King Day Tournament. In the first game, Wilton defeated West Hartford Blue, 37-36. Josh White (6 points) and Owen Lillis (6 points) both hit 3-pointers in the last 1:30 of the game to pull out the victory. Matt Gulbin (11 points) and Trevor Martines (6 points) contributed to the offensive output. In the second game of the tournament, Wilton defeated New Haven Dawson, 57-45. Wilton hit seven 3-pointers, led by Alex Cocoros (12 points) with four and Lillis (6 points) with two. Gulbin dominated the paint with 15 points and Coffey the boards with 12 rebounds.

Wilton lost to the Milford Indians in the semi-finals of the McGivney Holiday Classic, 52-54. Wilton rallied from a late-in-game, 12-point deficit to close the gap to 2 points by wearing down Milford with its full-court, man-to-man defense. Mack Kepner sparked the defense while contributing 4 points. Lillis (6 points), Martines (7 points) provided major pressure on the guards, while Matt Murphy (6 points) controlled the defensive lane with 6 blocked shots and 8 rebounds. White relentlessly drove to the hoop against Milford’s physical defense to score 17 points. Chase Autore’s second half 3-pointer helped Wilton start its rally.

Wilton defeated Newtown, 47-38, in a league game on Saturday. Gulbin led all scorers with 12 points, while Cocoros helped Wilton rally from a first quarter deficit with his 3-point shooting (3 treys, 10 points). Lillis and White distributed the ball effectively (3 assists each) and Sean Sullivan hit two long shots, including one 3-pointer to finish with 5 points. Coffey finished with 11 points and 8 rebounds.

In a non-league game, Wilton defeated the Bristol Warriors Blue on Sunday, 63-44. The Warrior boys effectively broke Bristol’s half-court trapping press, which led to several layups. Wilton ran its fast break very well, which also led to many layups. For the game Wilton shot 15-for-29 in the paint. White shot 8-9 from the field to lead all scorers with 20 points. Coffey (12 points) and Murphy (10 points) consistently finished strong at the rim.  Wilton also shot well from downtown as a team (6-for-11), with Cocoros (9 points, 3 treys), White (2), and Murphy (1) leading the way. Martines and Autore led the team with 4 assists each.  Wilton is now 6-1 in league games and 16-3 overall.

Wilton 5th Grade Boys Split Two Weekend Games, Now at 5-3 for Season

The Wilton 5th grade boys team, sponsored by Jersey Mike’s, split two games this weekend to improve to 5-3 on the season.

On Saturday, Jan. 21, Wilton traveled to Newtown and lost a close contest, 32-36. Wilton started slowly in a low-scoring first half. Anderson Campbell anchored Wilton’s strong defensive effort along with Max Jarvie, Luke Umphred, Jack Minnich and Luke DiRocco (6 steals). Wilton was down by 11 points going into the fourth, but outstanding offensive play led by Patrick Heffernan (8 points), Peter Reyes and Todd Woodring (clutch foul shooting) allowed Wilton to keep it close. Levi Kaplan buried two 3-point shots to bring Wilton within 1, but it wasn’t enough to get the win.

On Sunday, Jan. 22, Wilton hosted Redding-Easton in a game marked by huge swings. Wilton opened the game with a 10-point run as Woodring (11 points), Jarvie and Reyes led the offensive push. Redding-Easton stormed back in the second quarter but Umphred sank a jumper at the buzzer to give Wilton a 16-15 halftime lead. In the second half, DiRocco, Minnich, Heffernan, Campbell and Kaplan played great defense to stifle the opponents’ push as Wilton took the lead for good and took home the hard-fought win, 36-29. Henry Roy sat out both games with an injury.