Following statewide trends, Wilton’s recent COVID statistics show that the Omicron variant case numbers are declining. Data reported on Wednesday, Jan. 19 reflects the most current numbers as of Tuesday, Jan. 18.

In Wilton, the two-week rolling average daily case count hit its highest point on Monday, Jan. 13, with 170.57 cases (per 100,000), and has since continued to drop. The 71 actual cases that day marked the highest one-day case count since the start of the pandemic.

The CT Department of Public Health reported 55 new cases over the weekend (Friday, Jan. 14-Sunday, Jan. 16); 23 new cases on Monday, Jan. 17; and 7 new cases on Tuesday, Jan. 18.

Wilton’s test positivity rate is also declining gradually. The town hit 22.4% test positivity on Jan. 5, its highest one-day test positivity rate since the CT-DPH started tracking testing. That has also begun to fall, reaching below double digits at 9.86% on Tuesday, Jan. 18 for the first time this year.

Wilton Public Schools Superintendent Kevin Smith informed the school community that COVID case numbers have dropped as well. As of Wednesday evening, there were seven new cases reported in the district: Wilton High School — 2; Middlebrook — 2; Cider Mill — 1; and Miller-Driscoll — 2.

He also provided the district’s COVID Daily Tracker, which outlines staff members and students who are currently confirmed positive or quarantining. The tracker reflects all quarantines and positive cases that are currently isolating or quarantining, but does not necessarily reflect cases that are new that day.

Wilton did have some unfortunate statistical changes:

  • January 2022 has notched well over 500 cases. At 530 cases so far (with 11 more days to go, the month will far surpass any other month total since the start of the pandemic (334 total in Dec. 2021 has been the closest).
  • The first new COVID-related death in Wilton since September 2021 was reported on Wednesday, Jan. 19, bringing the total number of people who have died in town to 51 since the pandemic’s start. (In September, the state had erroneously reported the 51st death, reversing that report in October.)

For Connecticut on Wednesday, Gov. Ned Lamont reported 4,745 new one-day cases; Data on COVID-19 associated deaths is updated once per week every Thursday. The most recently reported total number of deaths is 9,442.

Hospitalizations in Connecticut have dropped back down well below the Wednesday, Jan. 12 high of 1,939 patients with COVID to the most recent 1,805 one week later (Wednesday, Jan. 19). Of the 1,805 patients currently hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19, 1,226 (67.9%) are not fully vaccinated.

According to the CT Mirror, Yale University researchers have been tracking COVID levels in sewage at CT wastewater plants since the pandemic began. They’re “cautiously optimistic” the current viral wave has crested, at least in Connecticut.

Wilton’s Vaccination Rates (as of Wednesday, Jan. 12)

The most recent figures for vaccination rates in Wilton show that vaccination rates have climbed even higher, with 250 more people beginning the vaccination process in the week leading up to the weekly vaccine report on Thursday, Jan. 13. (The CT-DPH reports vaccination data every Thursday.)

That’s a significantly higher number, likely impacted by the threat presented by omicron. In each of the three preceding weeks, residents starting the vaccine process numbered 180 (Dec. 15), 164 (Dec. 22) and 166 (Dec. 29).

Notably, the number of eligible 5-11 year old Wilton residents who have started the vaccine schedule with a first dose has passed 50%; 39% of Wilton children ages 5-11 have received a second dose.

Overall, 95% of Wilton’s eligible residents have received a first dose, and 83% have received a second vaccine.

Of the total population (including children under age 5), 92.2% have gotten the first dose and 80.4% have received a second dose.

Federal Government Announces Free COVID Tests and Masks to be Made Available to Public

On Tuesday, Jan. 18, the U.S. government opened its website for citizens to register to receive free COVID test kits, through the U.S. Postal Service. Individuals can order four free kits via a website set up by the Biden administration. Orders are expected to ship in 7-12 days.

CNN reported that the Biden administration will also release 400 million N95 masks from the Strategic National Stockpile for the public. They will be districted through local pharmacies and community health centers, reportedly to begin sometime in early February.