Last night, Wilton’s town clerk Lori Kabak fulfilled the duties of swearing in the officials elected earlier this month, the residents who are volunteering on the town’s boards and commissions.

The ceremony was co-hosted by the Democratic Town Committee and the Republican Town Committee. It was followed by a reception where everyone enjoyed some food and drinks, and conversation in a relaxed display of bi-partisan cooperation.

“I love this night because it’s one time when Republicans and Democrats join together and celebrate jointly. It’s a great night,” said Deborah McFadden. She was sworn in as a member of the Board of Selectmen. Whether she’ll join Lynne Vanderslice and call herself a selectwoman is a definite possibility.

“In 2015 when I served, I was a selectman, but now that Lynne has been the trailblazer, I can be a selectwoman. As long as you let me do the job, I don’t care what you call me,” she said.

Her colleague Lori Bufano was sworn in after being re-elected to the Board. She’s giving the title change some thought as well.

“If that’s the way the group wants to go, I don’t want to be an outlier. If that’s how Lynne wants to go and Deb wants to go, I’m good with it, but I’m also a traditionalist, so I respect the title of selectman. The more Lynne talks about it, I think, ‘Ok.’ We’ll see.”

Bufano says there’s a lot to anticipate to as her new term begins.

“I’m looking forward to continuing a lot of the good works that we’ve already begun. We have a great group of people and are very poised to move the town forward.”

New Board of Education member Gretchen Jeanes brought her young daughters, Ellie (11) and Grace (9), to watch her take the oath. They both were very impressed and proud of their mom.

“It was something I knew she wanted to do a lot and she was very into volunteering,” Ellie remarked, while her younger sister Grace hoped for her mom to be able to make a very specific change in the schools. “She can do extra days for vacation!”

Mom Gretchen was excited that she was setting the example of getting involved. “When I first started to run, I didn’t think of how my daughters would view it–I really wanted to help the schools, and make sure the schools are as strong as they can be. Now, it is something they’ve watched me do, and they know it’s something they can do, and I’m hoping I’m a good role model so they understand the importance of volunteering and leadership.”

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