It’s rare when traditionally red Wilton votes blue, but according to (still unofficial)* results from the registrars of voters in the 2016 Presidential Election, Wilton voters backed Democrat Hillary Clinton for President over Republican Donald Trump, 6,055 to 3,783.

In total, 10,678 eligible Wilton voters cast ballots, with a turnout of 84-percent.

*UPDATE Wednesday, Nov. 9, 9:30 a.m.–Results are considered ‘unofficial’ until certified by the CT Secretary of the State, which according to registrar of voters Carole Young Kleinfeld, could be several weeks, depending on many variables. 

Wilton also supported both Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D) in his successful bid for re-election over Republican challenger Dan Carter, 5,695 to 4,493, and U.S. Representative Jim Himes (D) in his win against challenger John Shaban, 5,470 to 4,876.

In local races, Wilton decided it was solidly in the Republican corner of hometown State Senator Toni Boucher in the race for the 26th senatorial district. Voters cast 6,939 votes for Boucher and 3,330 votes for her challenger, Democrat Carolann Curry.

Here are the latest numbers as provided by the Wilton registrars of voters:

U.S. President

Clinton/Kaine (D)  6,055
Trump/Pence (R) 3,783
Johnson/Weld (L) 411
Stein/Baraka (G) 111
Castle/Bradley 1
Blumenthal/Blair 1
McMullin/Johnson 26

U.S. Senate

Richard Blumenthal (D, WF) 5,695
Dan Carter (R) 4,493
Richard Lion (I) 102
Jeffrey Russell (G) 65

U.S. House of Representatives

Jim Himes (D) 5,470
John Shaban (R, I) 4,876

CT State Senate (26th District)

Toni Boucher (R) 6,939
Carolanne Curry (D) 3,330

CT State Representative (143rd District)

Gail Lavielle (R) 5,105

CT State Representative (125th District)

Tom O’Dea (R) 2,458
Hector Lopez (G) 419

Registrars of Voters

Carole Young Kleinfeld (D)  4,758
Annalisa Stravato Favarolo (R) 5,122

On Tuesday evening, Deb McFadden, the chair of the Wilton Democratic Town Committee, watched returns with fellow Democrats at the Wilton restaurant Reiki, and she told GOOD Morning Wilton that she was having a great night knowing that Wilton voters not only supported Hillary Clinton, but a majority of Wilton voters also backed Blumenthal and Himes.

“We are thrilled that Clinton carried Wilton. It was such a great day and it really shows that the people of Wilton voted for the person who carried their values because Wilton has values. People came out of the polls, even Republicans, and whispered to me, ‘I voted for your candidate,’ because they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Trump,” McFadden said.

McFadden spent much of the day outside the polls talking to voters. Given the historical significance of Hillary Clinton possibly becoming the first woman president, McFadden said the history wasn’t lost on the people she saw voting.

“It was exciting to see women come and walk out of the polls and have tears streaming down their face, mothers bringing their daughters and making sure they took pictures by the Clinton lawn signs, taking our brochures as mementos for their scrapbooks, dressed in [Suffragette] white, women in pantsuits. It was such an extraordinary day,” she said, adding, “This feels like another big, historic night. As a woman, it’s nice to know we can break a glass ceiling. We did it here in Wilton.”

Wilton Republicans have not commented on Wilton specific results, although Wilton Republican Town Committee chair Al Alper did email, “The night isn’t over yet. When the American people have spoken it is.”

UPDATE, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 9:30 a.m.– A statement from Alper:  “Congratulations to Toni, Gail, Tom & Annalisa. We’re incredibly proud of the good work you do and will continue to do. The outcome ratifies not only the quality of their character and conduct in their representation, but the values and principles they stand for – Republican values and principles.”

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  1. I am delighted to see that the good people of Wilton overwhelmingly rejected the politics of divisiveness and supported HRC!

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