At just over $1.2 million, this home at 170 Ridgefield Road, set on 3.75 acres, was the highest-selling property of the week ending June 10, 2021

Each week the Wilton Town Clerk’s office releases data for the prior week’s real estate transactions. For the one-week period from June 4-10, 2021, Town Clerk Lori Kabak reported twelve properties transferred to new owners.

Three homes hit the $1 million mark.

Important:  Please note the Town Clerk’s report contains limited information. For details, please read the document on file in the Wilton Town Clerk’s office. These land transfer reports are available on the town website.

GMW makes an effort to find current photos, from recent real estate listings, websites such as, or mapping services such as Google Maps. In some cases, photos may be from previous real estate listings or from town appraisal records.

85 Mountain Road: 85 Mountain Road, LLC, to Daniel Spezzano, for $562,500

28 Ambler Lane: Michele M. Dunn (TR) to Matthew Adam and Suzanne Christine Wadyka, for $955,000

170 Ridgefield Road: Timothy Geitz to Cynthia H. and Stanley A. Twardy, Jr., for $1,215,000

38 Old Nursery Drive: Anthony O’Neill to Yves and Methernick Bernadel, for $770,000

279 Thayer Pond Road: Razvan V. and Liana Caciula to Sandeep and Priyanka Bradoo, for $1,000,000

87 Wilton Woods Road: Bhargesh and Dipa Angreji to William and Melissa Perilli Price, for $615,000

39 Scriber Hill Road: Michael Ray and Hunter Willard Arton, Jr., to Andrew and Lauren Patterson, for $750,000

8 Lambert Common: Canine Companies, Inc., to Anna Lupinski, or $545,000

409 Thayer Pond Road: Henry Paul and Helena D. Jacobson to Melissa Paige and Rotem Tal, for $1,150,000

100 Chicken Street: Daniel S. and Heather M. Gray to Tyler Andreozzi and Ann Marie S. Selva, for $738,000

21 Kings Lane: Robert and Robin Travers to Stephen and Martha Cagliostro, for $995,000

23 Cardinal Lane: Serge Bisson to Danielle Schreiber and Lauren Bachtel, for $792,500