Thirty-five members of the Wilton Y Gymnastics team competed at an invitational meet in Glastonbury last weekend, Jan. 9-10.  There were more than 200 gymnasts from 14 teams hailing from CT, NY, MA, NH and RI. Wilton had three All-Around Champions (Level 6:  Megan McNamara and Rachel Esslinger; and Level 8:  Marra Woodring) as well as many other individual event winners.

Level 3

Only two Level 3 gymnasts from Wilton participated at the meet. Ella Arghirescu took 2nd place on vault (9.5) and beam (9.15) and scored a 9.4 on floor. Ella Mancuso tied for 2nd place on vault (9.5) and placed 3rd on bars (9.25) and 5th on floor (9.5).

Level 4

The Level 4 squad finished in 5th place. In the youngest age division, Sienna Morris took 1st place on floor (9.45). Ashley Umhoefer took 4th on vault (9.05). In the 10-yr-old group, Sophia Blessing finished 3rd all-around with a 2nd place on floor (9.3), and a 4th on beam, and 5th on vault and bars. Peyton Ricco finished 4th on vault. Among 11-year olds, Gillian Lipsky finished 2nd all-around with a 1st place win on floor (9.35) and a 2nd on beam. Kaylie Berghaus took 2nd on bars (9.2), 3rd on beam, 4th all-around and 5th on floor. Maddie Rosa had 4th place finishes on floor and bars and a 5th on vault. Alyson Scheurkogel placed 3rd on vault (9.0). Chloe Jureller took 4th on vault and 5th on floor. In the 12-year-old group, Lindsey Jarrett placed 5th on vault. In the oldest age group, Michaela Kane finished 2nd on vault (9.05) and 5th all-around. Ava Walker placed 3rd on beam.

Level 5

Wilton’s Level 5 squad took 3rd place. Olivia Mannino won 1st place on beam (9.75), 2nd on bars (9.15), 3rd on vault (9.4) and all-around, and scored 9.0 on floor. In the next age group, Emily D’Onofrio finished 2nd on bars (9.2) and scored 9.1 on vault. Peyton Gildersleeve placed 5th on bars and scored 9.1 on vault. Jessica Wu took 2nd place on vault (9.3) and 5th on beam. Grace Chan took 5th on vault (9.15). In the oldest age group, Nicole Beecher placed 4th on vault (9.25) and 5th on beam (9.0) and bars.

Level 6

With combined team scores, the Wilton Level 6 squad took 3rd place. Individually, in the youngest age group, Mia Karlehag won 1st place on floor (9.8) and finished 5th on vault (9.0), bars, and all-around. In the 13-yr age group, Megan McNamara was All-Around Champion, also winning 1st place on beam (9.3) and bars (9.2) and taking 2nd on floor (9.45) and 3rd on vault (9.05). Lauren Cooper tied for 1st place on beam (9.3), took 4th on vault (9.0) and scored 9.2 on floor. Erin Daugherty took 2nd on vault (9.1) and scored 9.1 on floor. Emma Daugherty finished 4th on floor (9.35). In the oldest age group, Rachel Esslinger was the All-Around Champion, also finishing 1st on vault (9.3) and taking 2nd on beam (9.2) and floor (9.6) and 3rd on bars.

Level 7

Wilton’s Level 7 squad took 5th place. Individually, in the youngest age group, Sarah Cross won 1st place on bars (9.3) and took 4th on beam and all-around and 5th on vault (9.1). In the next age group, Kayla Heber finished 4th all-around with a 5th place on bars (9.0). Kate Ginsburg took 3rd on floor (9.1).

Level 8

Marra Woodring was the All-Around Champion for her age group, also winning 1st place on bars (9.1), floor, and beam, and finishing 2nd on vault.