Wilton Go Green organizers say their recent Zero Waste Faire was a big success, especially since 2018 was the first time the group had organized the event.

“We tallied approximately 1,000 people in total in attendance over the course of the day,” says Eve Silverman, a WGG board member and organizer of the Faire. “We are extremely happy with these results given that it was our first year at a new date and location, and despite the fact that it was Palm Sunday.”

Organizers also tracked where visitors to the event came from; Silverman said that most of the attendees hailed from Wilton, but it did draw many people from all around Fairfield County, other parts of Connecticut and even New York and Massachusetts.

Silverman said one of the primary goals of the event was education, and they were very happy to hear attendees talk about how informative the day was.

“We had exhibitors that ranged from organizations sharing their sustainable efforts in their home communities, organizations sharing their expertise in Zero Waste living, farming, recycling and compost, and kids’ education. Everyone that I spoke to after the event said they were very pleased with the turnout. The attendees we spoke with felt that the Faire was very educational, interactive, and rich with information,” she said.

The Zero Waste Faire was introduced to take the place of the Go Green Festival, an event that was usually held outdoors in May. Weather has sometimes not been cooperative, and bringing the event inside seemed to be a plus. Wilton Go Green does plan on making the Zero Waste Faire its yearly event.

“We plan on doing the event again next year, and having climbed at least part of the learning curve this year, hope that we will be able to attract an even wider, richer range of exhibitors who can share even more about what the Zero Waste movement is about and how people can incorporate some of these principles in their daily lives.”