JoyRide Wilton opens this week, and one of the most important elements that owner Amy Pal wanted to make sure she had in place for the indoor cycling fitness studio was having some instructors and staffers who are also Wilton residents.

“That’s really important to the fabric of what we’re trying to do. We’re connecting with people who are residents, who know the ebb and flow of the town. They can really make sure we’re hitting it right,” Pal says.

Assistant manager Heather Sabino is one of those Wilton residents joining the JoyRide team. She was hired for her love of spin as well as her desire to help people, but it didn’t hurt that Sabino’s middle name is ‘Joy.’ She’s so dedicated to the concept of JoyRide, she even branded her car license plate (pictured above).

“She really understands what it means to be welcoming and joyful. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s an important part of who we are. We want people to leave feeling like, ‘That was a breath of fresh air!’ not like, ‘Oh what a trudge,’” Pal adds.

Below, GMW spotlights the JoyRide instructors who also call Wilton home:

Lynn DiNanno


Owner Amy Pal describes Wilton resident Lynn DiNanno as, “…bubbly, spontaneous, energetic and tackles anything worth doing with determination. She can’t wait to ride with you and share her Joyisms! She’s an athlete through and through and does it all from running, to weight training, yoga and is even SUP certified. This mom of three and fitness addict never leaves home without a snack, lip gloss or her sense of humor. She’s got moxie and delivers one tough ride in the saddle that you won’t want to miss.”

DiNanno says she was flattered when she was approached about being an instructor. “I thought to myself how silly it would be to not give it a try! I had become such a big fan of JoyRide beginning back in October of 2014 (attending at least three classes a week)! The thought terrified me about taking the challenge (since it was completely out of my comfort zone), but I felt nothing but total support from day one from the entire Joyride staff, as well as all the other trainees. The experience has been such a challenge and joy!”

She’s been motivated by the friendships she has made amongst the instructors and other riders, and hopes that people who take her class find the same thing she’s discovered since becoming an avid rider herself.

“My class will offer a variety of upbeat music that will inspire them! I’ll also challenge my riders to break out of their comfort zone and dig deep! Nothing worth doing is easy, and one of my favorite mottos is “the more you give, the more you get!”

DiNanno has lived in Wilton for close to 16 years, and says that nothing makes her more proud than saying she is part of the “Wilton Strong” community. She says Pal and her husband, Kevin Manley, have worked so hard to make sure everything is just right.

“Everything from the equipment to the amenities is top notch. Wilton residents will appreciate their attention to detail and all the ‘top notch stuff’ this studio has to offer. Riders will leave feeling not only healthy, but happy.”

DiNanno’s class during preview days is already waitlisted, but she’ll teach her first class after the grand opening bright and early on Tuesday, July 21 at 5:30 a.m..

Stacia Howard


Stacia Howard is a JoyRide Cycling Studio seasoned pro, as she’s been a part of “Team JOY” teaching across all four studios in Fairfield County. She is fiercely athletic and has completed everything from marathons to sprint triathlons to multiple century bike rides. Pal says, “Don’t be surprised when she gives you a run for your money on the bike because she isn’t playing around! She believes in the power of sweat endorphins and will tell you, ‘We don’t stop when we’re tired…we stop when we’re done!’”

Howard says she jumped into teaching because it looked fun, but she really credits the JoyRide method with upping her game.

“It wasn’t until I went through training at JoyRide that I discovered the many nuances of constructing a great class. Each class is powered by crazy-good music that serves as a road map for 50 minutes of riding to the rhythm on flats and hills. The darkened room, filled with contagious energy, enables all of us to push past our limits and leave with an endorphin high. It’s an addictive sweat-fest that makes us stronger and happier,” she says.

Tara Snow


Tara Snow‘s JoyRide bio calls her, “fit and fierce,” and that’s a completely perfect description of this longtime Wilton resident and mom of three. “She is positively wired for fitness and fun so instructing at JoyRide Wilton is second nature to her. When she’s not in the studio you can find her on a paddleboard or playing tennis. And running 10 miles to her is no big thing, she can get that done before breakfast!” says Pal, adding, “You can expect a lively, upbeat and challenging class from Tara.”

Snow echoes what so many other people say about JoyRide–they find the community there.

“I was motivated to teach spin from not only sharing my love for an amazing workout but also because it is such a community and a feeling of togetherness that I loved the fact that I could be a part of that. I was excited that a Wilton studio was opening and looked forward to sharing this with my home town community. I want to share that we are on a fitness journey together each and every day and we are here for each other. How cool that you can be in a dark room doing your own ride but at the end when the lights come on you can high five the person next to you knowing that you both just experienced something together,” she says.

She adds that it’s a perfect addition to the Wilton scene, something she knows residents will embrace. “Wilton is going to bring it! We know how to play hard and work harder, and Wilton has an exciting energy.”

It’s an energy she’s excited to incorporate in her class. “When people take my class they can expect lots of fun and high energy. I will give it my 110-percent. It will be a fierce class where we work together toward our goals–not to mention an amazing playlist!”

Anne Stauff


Wilton resident Anne Stauff has been teaching at JoyRide Ridgefield and JoyRide Cycling Studio in Westport and is now bringing her signature catchphrase, “Yes you can!” to Wilton. Pal says, “Anne’s a tremendous coach and her desire and drive to be the best she can be shines through to her riders.

Stauff says it was Pal who motivated her to become an instructor.

“She knew I rode every day (sometimes two times!) and asked if I would ever consider getting certified. She pushed me to do it, and I will be forever grateful! It came at exactly the right time—my kids are 14 and 12, old enough that I can have a little something on the side that’s just for me!”

Stauff has incorporated that perspective to give students in her classes, “…a damn good time!” she says.

“Just because we are working hard does not mean we can’t have fun! This is 50 minutes of ‘YOU’ time–might as well enjoy it! I love a good theme ride and you can expect me to dress the part! The last two theme rides I did the music of Miley Cyrus and Pat Benatar; for both rides I showed up in character. For the Miley ride I think it took me longer to spike my hair up then it did to make the playlist–I was so excited!”

As a resident, she’s even more plugged in to what will work. “People in Wilton care about their fitness–it is not just taking a spin class; health and fitness is a way of life. I have been a hockey mom with a lot of them for almost 10 years. Wilton peeps show up, work hard & kick a**!” she says.

JoyRide Wilton is located at 3 Godfrey Pl., next to Pet Pantry.