Last week was a busy week in the town clerk’s office when it came to filing paperwork on housing sales; 10 homes changed hands during the period from April 22 to April 28. Each week the office releases land transfer information to Wilton media including names, address and sale price. The Wilton properties that were sold are:

  • Robert Vonick and Carole Schwartz sold 232 Belden Hill Rd. to Robert Sawyer and Sunshine Lucas for $1,332,500.
232 belden hill rd.
  • Gerlin Holloway sold 25 Lambert Common to Gabriel and Sarah Andreescu for $443,000.
25 Lambert Common
  • Carol McMorris sold 99 Highfield Rd. to Richard and Cathrine Greene for $1,737,500.
99 Highfield Rd.
  • Jonathan and Lauren Cramer sold 59 Fawn Rd. to Nicole Shagoury for $336,500.
59 fawn ridge
  • Glenn and Barbara Nakahara sold 36 Honey Hill Trail Rd. to Theodore and Ashly Sommer for $525,000.
36 Honey Hill Trail
  • Jeffrey and Sybille Jonas sold 58 Bald Hill Rd. to Kevin and Jamie Toohill for $1,085,000.
58 bald hill rd.
  • Kristopher Socia sold 95 Pond Rd. to Mark Fields for $660,000.
95 pond rd.
  •  Kevin and Jamie Toohill sold 189 Pipers Hill Rd. to Michael and Amy Ondocin for $796,000.
36 Honey Hill Trail
  • Jeffrey Paseltiner sold 15 Tito Ln. to Marc Taubin for $875,000.
15 Tito Ln.
  • Richard and Andrea Eisen sold 24 Heritage Ct. to Jared Tronni for $875,000.
24 heritage court