What kinds of sounds surround our young children today? Are they predominantly surrounded by the noise of the latest technology–including iPhones, TV, and video games–and amplified music? Or are they surrounded by sounds of human
voices, nature, singing and laughter? Or perhaps a combination of both?

Apple Blossom Preschool is holding a workshop for parents about sounds that nurture children by Sally Willig, MT-BC, MMT, graduate of the Dorion School of Music Therapy in Pennsylvania, and teacher of mood of the fifth music.

The Wilton preschool is a Waldorf school; in the Waldorf approach to teaching young children, there’s a belief that a certain atmosphere is most conducive to a young child’s development. That atmosphere is called the “Mood of the Fifth,” which is likened to a silk veil that gently hovers over the children, protecting their childhood and providing the perfect atmosphere for their development. The mood of the fifth also describes a specific type of music, which gently “holds” the children while supporting their natural tendency for movement and imagination.

This workshop is designed to introduce parents to the mood of the fifth, the music of early childhood, to understand why such a musical mood nurtures the young child and to encourage greater awareness of the sounds that we as a adults take for granted without understanding the effects on children. This 90-minute workshop will include background on the Mood of the fifth, with a brief summary of the Waldorf music curriculum, experiential exercises, and singing together.

The worship is being held Wednesday, April 25 from 7 – 8:30 p.m. at the Apple Blossom school (440 Danbury Rd.). The suggested donation to attend is $10 per person. The workshop is open to the public.