Wilton’s Middlebrook students will be enjoying a program today, Tuesday, March 27 that’s part of the school’s World Language Week, with a concert performed by a Latin band called Surcari.

Surcari’s name is a portmanteau of Sur (south), and Caribean (shortened to “cari”). The band members hail from Chile and Puerto Rico, hence the name. Influenced by Classical, Folk, Afro, Latin, Jazz, World, and Flamenco music, the band is truly a unique experience. Furthering the educational power of this program is the experience, held by the musicians, in teaching. They have directed workshops and seminars for students of all ages, in the United States, South America, and Europe.

Surcari presents irresistible Latin beats in fun, and engaging formats for all audiences. As they perform, they educate audiences on the diverse musical styles, and traditions of the Andes, the Spanish Caribbean, and Central America. Children are invited to sing, clap, dance, and play instruments with the band members, as Surcari allows for a fully interactive performance. The band members bring to the stage a wealth of experience in education and musical instruments. Surcari is an exciting, educational, interactive experience where audiences can learn about, and enjoy, Latin culture through music.

Among the objectives this educational entertainment achieves, the concert introduces and educates audiences on Spanish, African, and American traditions that blend together to form traditional Latin music. It also exposes the students to Latin culture through music, and offers a glimpse at the wonders of both rainforests, and music, by recreating the rainforest’s sound with instruments. The band says that part of the program is to promote environmental consciousness and its importance in relation to culture.

On Wednesday, students will compete in an international cooking contest.