Wilton Center may be gaining a new health care office in the form of Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS). At last week’s Village District and Design Advisory Committee/Architectural Review Board meeting, the committee members heard the first news about the medical centers’s interest in opening a location in town.

Property owner Chris Lavin, a principal in the Wilton-based, commercial real estate firm MCL Ventures, confirmed that YNHHS is hoping to open an office at 67 Old Ridgefield Rd., in Wilton Center. The location was formerly occupied by Wilton dentist Dr. James Aris.

According to Lavin, the location will offer blood draw and lab services.

Lavin attended the Village District and Design Advisory committee meeting last Thursday, Jan. 2 to present proposed sign design concepts for the location to the committee. He later told GOOD Morning Wilton that while the typical signage on the building is black lettering on a white background, Yale was hoping to gain approval for its brand logo and color.

“The review committee would like to have all the buildings unified, but tenants who have a national brand presence, like a CVS and Wells Fargo and Chase, they’re highly regulated and when their customers walk in the door, they want their customers to know that they’re in one of their legitimate branches or office. Yale wants their brand. Obviously they want people who are looking for them to identify them by their brand logo. [The committee] needed to sign off on that,” Lavin said.

Bringing a prominent medical facility to Wilton Center is a big ‘get’ as well–for both Lavin’s firm as well as Wilton. It offers another possible option not just Wilton residents but people from neighboring communities to use Wilton as a resource.

“[As] these big medical centers branch out, they’re looking for a presence in the outlying communities. So we’re pleased,” Lavin added.

This marks the third major health system to open an office in Wilton. If the proposal goes through, Yale New Haven Health will join Norwalk Hospital/Nuvance Health (formerly Western CT Health Network) in the Wilton Wellness Center at 249 Danbury Rd., and Stamford Health Medical Group at 372 Danbury Rd..

The Village District and Design Committee acts in an advisory capacity only, although it did indicate its approval of YNHHS’s proposed signage design.

Assistant town planner Daphne White explained that Lavin and his prospective tenant can now use the YNHHS branding for signs in two locations–one on an exterior building wall and one freestanding sign–and may not need any other permission from zoning and land use officials. They would only have to appear in front of the Planning and Zoning Commission if they wanted to apply for more than the two signs currently allowed under existing regulations. That’s something they may consider doing because the building fronts both Old Ridgefield Rd. and Hubbard Rd., so they may seek permission to put signs on both sides of the building.

“It’s only for that extra one that he has to get an extra approval,” White says.