GOOD Morning Wilton received a wonderful email from Bill Follett, the chair of the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Wilton Congregational Church. It detailed a bit of the church’s history that was captured more than 100 years ago in comparison to a similar moment from the church of today.

“A couple weeks ago, the bell tower and steeple of Wilton Congregational Church were painted by Mercer Builders. As you’ll note from the images, today, the work is done in a much safer environment. The pictures of workmen on rickety ladders, precariously perched on the roof, are c 1870.”

This year, says Follett, the church celebrates 290 years of service to Wilton. The first church was built in 1726 and located on Wolfpit Rd. on the West side of the Norwalk River. The second church was located at Sharp Hill, near the cemetery at the corner of Danbury Rd.. Many of the Wilton-grown chestnut beams from that 1743 structure were used in the current church, located on Ridgefield Rd., where it has become a centerpiece of the Wilton Center Historic District, a local, state and national historic site.

The current sanctuary was built in 1790, and it was dedicated 225 years ago this December. The bell tower and steeple were added in 1799. The 600 pound bell, installed in 1850, still calls Wiltonians to worship every Sunday.

For more information, visit the Wilton Congregational website or call 203.762.5591.