Has anyone else noticed that there is a definite yoga-craze going on these days?  And I don’t mean my “mom uniform” of Lululemon yoga pants and cozy knit tops from Athleta that I pull on every morning to do little more than running errands or ferrying the kids around town.

It seems like everyone (but me) is constantly singing the praises of their favorite yoga instructor and keeps a yoga mat in the back of their car at all times.  Lately I can barely look through my facebook feed without scrolling past several pictures of friends or celebrities incorporating yoga poses into their everyday life.  Lotus pose while sipping coffee. Crescent lunges loading plates into the dishwasher. Backbends in Grand Central Terminal. (Please tell me there was a bottle of Purell waiting just out of camera range!)  And since when has it become standard fare to see women in their thirties, forties, and beyond doing backbends in private, let alone public?

I mean, it’s been a while (ie: decade) since I’ve tried yoga. I want to like yoga, and to actually be good at it, I do. But the thought of walking into class with a dozen strangers who not only know what they’re doing, but will see immediately that I clearly do not, is more than a little intimidating. (Which is probably the reason I haven’t made an effort to get back in a studio in over ten years.)

But on Thursday, Oct. 9, all that is going to change. I’m going to say, “Hello, yoga.”  Literally!

Nicole Thornborough has graciously invited the Wilton Newcomers Club into her studio, aptly named Hello Yoga. Although I suggested that in my case, a glass (who am I kidding–at least two) might help me strike a pose, Nicole has advised otherwise. Since she’s the expert, I’ve agreed to try it her way… so wine and chocolate will be served after our 8 p.m. class. And as an added bonus, Nicole has also put together a special offer for all Newcomers attending.

As of this morning, there were just two spots left.  Hopefully there will be other yoga newbies like myself, as well as a few ladies I can look to for inspiration.  See you on the mat!!!

This is an installment from contributing writer Tara Thompson, president of the Wilton Newcomers Club, providing news and information about WNC events and activities, as well as a look at life in Wilton life from the point of view of a newcomer.