CT Rush Southwest BU13 team

The CT Rush Southwest BU13 team won the Championship at the EDP Memorial Day Classic at Fort Dix NJ this past weekend. Players from Wilton included Cole Iannuzzi, Josh Grass, Jake Lash, Will Hughes, Adam Brophy, and Ryan Witty. The boys allowed only three goals in four games and played against some of the top ranked teams in the nation.

CT rush u13

Wilton GU9 White

On Saturday, May 28, Wilton GU9 White was one of several Wilton teams to participate in the Scarsdale Memorial Day Tournament. The U9 Girls swept the tournament, defeating two teams from Manhattan and one from Chappaqua.

Game one versus Manhattan Magic was the first victory at 5-1, with a quick goal by Issy Wilkinson early on in the game that set a goal scoring tone, to be followed by goals from Grace Costa, Kate Lane and Ellie Drew. Elizabeth Crocitto had fast feet in the midfield to keep the ball forward and found solid support from Chloe Flatt. Abigail Schmitt was in her groove in goal.

Game two versus Manhattan Comets was a hard fought victory at 2-1. It started with a powerful shot on goal by Grace Ratcliffe that found the net. Mia Robustelli was an aggressive defensive wall that blocked Wilton’s side of the field along with Julia Munrow’s push forward with some great shots. Costa rounded out the game with the second goal.

Game three versus Chappaqua was the final test and the Wilton girls again came out on top at 4-1. Lane advanced the ball well all day and scored again in the final game along with Costa. Annalise Lamanna had a sweet goal and Sophie Fitzgerald was a force to be reckoned with in the midfield all day.

These girls were champions on and off the field, showing impressive sportsmanship against aggressive competition and playing with great unity and teamwork. It was a great day!