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Up until this month, Adarsh Paul Varghese was a 16-year-old 11th grader at Wilton High School. But on June 13, not only did he graduate a year early with the Class of 2020, but he made history, becoming the first high school junior ever accepted into the prestigious seven-year BS/MD program at Rutgers/The College of New Jersey Medical School.

This fall he will join the NJMS Class of 2027, admitted to this extremely selective program after competing with thousands of 12th graders from all 50 states for just a few seats.

Varghese has been on Wilton’s accelerated academic curriculum track since 5th grade after he scored high honors on the John Hopkins Gifted and Talented test. In 10th grade, he completed AP Biology and AP Calculus BC, a course usually reserved for high school seniors or college students. By 11th grade, he completed Statistics, Multi-Variables, and Neuro-Biology.

In addition to his high school diploma, Varghese was able to take 56 college credits through the University of Connecticut and community college courses. He also studied Spanish, Greek, Latin, and Malayalam and won the State Seal of Biliteracy. During his last two years at WHS, he won the National Award for Music Education (NAfME) All-National Honor Choir and represented the National Choir at Disneyland Florida.

Varghese served the Wilton High School community as the school’s student government treasurer (2017), secretary (2018), and vice president (2019). He also was in the acapella music group and Tri-State choir. He won many awards for Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, Debate, Math Team, Model Congress, Elocution, and Poetry Out Loud.

As a certified EMT Varghese also serves the wider Wilton community, and he’s also a member of New York Academy of Science.

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  1. So happy and proud for Adarsh and his family! We always knew that he was destined for great things in this world. Sing on!!

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