In early January, the CT YMCA Swimming Championship meet kicked off at the Riverbrook Regional YMCA with the 13-and-over portion of the meet. The entire meet was divided into three meets by age (13-18, 9-12 and 8-and-under), and the points were tallied from each meet to determine the overall YMCA CT State Champion. Points were awarded to the top 12 finishers in each event. The Wilton Y Wahoos won the overall meet for the 30th consecutive year!

“We are proud to have won Y States for 30 years as it shows tremendous consistency for our organization over a very long time. To win at this level requires contributions from our entire team of swimmers, coaches and parents; from our 8-and-unders to national level swimmers. Congratulations to all, and keep up the great work!” said Randy Erlenbach, director of competitive aquatics.

Wilton swimmers in the 13-and-over portion that scored points were Zoey Araquel, Emma Babashak, Arisa Cowe, Olivia Crisafulli, Morgan Dill, Robby Giller, Rory Hess, Ellen Holmquist, Kevin Hu, Jake Kealy, Taylor Loud, Caroline Mahoney, Nathaniel Newcomer, Katie Stevenson and Emily Walden.

Other 13-and-overs that participated in the meet were Anika Bhagavatula, Ellie Cramer, Jackson Dill, Maxwell Downing, Isabella Fischetti, Dylan Flanagan, Leila Hastings, Pauline Hendricks, Juliana Hume, Anna Imrie, Emma Kauffeld, Grace Kauffman, Mary Kohn, Matthew Lamanna, Alex Li, Hailey Looney, Matthew Martin, Maddy McCaghey, Alexander McDonnell, Nathan Meyers, Madeline Pennino, Thomas Petrillo, Isabel Pravia, Annabel Roth, Avery Rowland, Hayden Roy, Grace Schaller, Matt Schiller, Gordon Steward, James Steward, Will Suchy, Will Trentos and Christopher Zhou.

The 9-12 age group traveled to Cheshire later in January for their portion of the meet. Their tremendous depth and supportive teammates aided in the Wahoo effort. Wilton swimmers that scored points were Daniel Babashak, Isabel Barbieri, Emily Bukowski, Sophia Hemschot, Anya Iyer, Hirsh Iyer, Aanya Kongettira, Avery Newcomer, Stephanie Tang and Casey Vanderwall.

Michael Adams, Sarah Albanese, Drew Amero, Sahara Bhagavatula, Savona Bocchino, Isabella Calabrese, Shriya Chelluboina, Hannah Come, Sage Dailey, Julia DiLullo, Eric Ding, Varish Duriseti, Vishnu Duriseti, Vrishak Duriseti, Ava Fasano, Anna Getner, Yana Giannoutsos, Sophia Gimby, Avni Gupta, Virginia Hastings, Hannah Hemschot, Hannah Hsu, Rebecca Hsu, James LaBant, James Lillis, Sydney Lillis, Hannah Looney, Julia Lorenzoni, Teresa Lorenzoni, Dev Madhavani, Hannah McCall, Andrew Mims, Samantha Mims, Sarah Morris, Sina Patel, Melanie Rutherford, Nina Rutherford, Hannah Schubkegel, George Schwartz, Leela Sharma, Alexis Shukovsky, Madeline Shukovsky, Molly Smith, Benjamin Steward, Evan Taylor, Anjo Therattil and Shayna Wilson-Sprio also participated in the meet.

The 8-and-under swimmers were the last to compete in early February and their contributions secured the win for the Wahoos. Scoring points for the team from Wilton were Michael DiLullo, Vedha Kongettira, Ethan Lam, Megan Lussier, Thomas Lussier, Mei Macintyre, Brendan Morris, Gregory Pinchbeck, Thomas Prandi-Turk, Raul Rivera and Bennett Smith.

Other 8 and under participants included Maya Kreuzer, Alison Royle and Sara West.

The Wilton Y Wahoos are now looking forward to March when their championship season begins.