The Girl Scouts in Troop 50876 are currently working towards their Bronze Award, and they came up with a thoughtful way toward achieving it. They are making birthday bags filled with birthday party supplies to put in the Wilton food pantry, to help make birthdays that food pantry clients celebrate more special!

“Part of the experience of the Bronze Award is to learn and teach something. We have learned that approximately 56 seniors, 107 adults, and 64 children use the Wilton food pantry. We hope to teach that we can make a difference by helping our own community,” explains one of the Troop members, Fiona Gibbons..

She’s joined in the troop by fellow 5th graders Caroline Luce, Lily Brown, Nina Rutherford, Lauren Moe, Carolyn Palma, Tessa Dyson, Caroline Hage, and Lauren Sanfilippo. Troop leaders are Amy Palma and Eliza Brown.

The girls in the troop have put two donation boxes at Cider Mill School that will be there until Friday, Feb. 24, one box in the south entrance and one in the main entrance. They’re hoping that residents will help them collect the following items for the birthday bags:

Brownie and cake mix
Vegetable oil (small size)
Birthday themed plates and napkins (can be gender specific or gender neutral)
Streamers, balloons and tape
Birthday banners
Birthday candles

The girls are hoping to make 70-100 bags.