Why did the chicken cross the road?

To go to the Backyard Chickens program at the Cannon Grange Hall.

Once again, Cannon Grange is hosting a program about raising and caring for Backyard Chickens, on Thursday evening, March 1 at 7:30 p.m.. , The evening is co-hosted by the Ridgefield Discovery Center, and features Bil Mikulewicz, a member of both organizations and an experienced chicken keeper, will be the featured presenter.

Mikulewicz will provide an interactive program for the audience and describe the necessary equipment for raising a flock of chickens as egg layers. Using a series videos and photos he’ll cover how he has set up his chicken coops and runs. Mikulewicz notes that raising a small flock of chickens provides both a great amount of enjoyment for him and his wife, as well as a constant supply of fresh eggs.

Children of all ages are welcome to attend the program to learn how much fun it is to have backyard chickens. Mikulwicz will have samples of equipment on display for nurturing day-old chick into full grown laying hens, plus detailed information as to where to order and purchase different varieties of chicks, where to purchase equipment, how to build a coop and run, and also how to protect the flock from predators (both avian and 4-legged). The program on Backyard Chickens is free admission.

The Cannon Grange Hall is located at 25 Cannon Rd., and free parking will be available at the Cannondale Railroad Station across the street. For more information visit the Grange website or reach out via email.