To the Editor:

On Saturday, Feb. 10, the Wilton Playshop presented “An Acoustic Valentine” concert to benefit its Musical Chairs campaign. The campaign goal is to raise funding to replace the 30-plus year old seating with new, modern, and cushy theater seats each with arm rests. Sponsors can customize a plaque that will attach to the back of each chair. There are 125 chairs to replace.

The concert featured musicians from Acoustic Wilton, Wilton Rocks, and The Darlings of Talmadge Hill. They performed a wonderful selection of acoustic love songs triggering Valentine spirit throughout the full audience. A post concert reception was enjoyed with a decadent selection of donated desserts and bubbly libations. Based on the buzz in the greenroom, everyone had a great time!

On behalf of the Wilton Playshop Board of Directors, we thank each of the sponsors for their generous donations and all of the talented musicians. Our performers included Kelley Addison, Nancy Burger, Michael Crouch, Tim Flannigan, Marilyn Garvin, Brennan Gildersleeve, Matt Greene, McNeil Johnston, Gerry Lee, Cathleen Morgan, Jeanette Osborne, Patty Perry, Adrienne Reedy, Bruce Reznik, Brad Scheller, Alex Sherk, Rob Silvan, Dave Sonatore, John Taylor, and Joan Wallace.

Special thanks to Gini Fischer, Mark Kaufman, Hunter Brady, Karen Morello, The Pastry Hideaway, Gerry Lee, Garelick & Herbs Caterers, and the Playshop Board of Directors.

This year the Wilton Playshop celebrates its 80th season providing quality live theater to the community and surrounding towns. For more information visit the Wilton Playshop website.

Donna Savage
Wilton Playshop