One thing we love is the recent marketing effort Wilton officials are making to raise the town’s profile among potential businesses and residents. The Economic Development Commission recently released two videos, one for each audience–“It’s Working in Wilton” for the commercial targets in September, and “Families are Fulfilled, Lives are Enriched” for residential viewers in May.

Now comes news of one more thing in Wilton’s marketing plan to love–or actually, 40 things.

The Town has produced an interactive marketing piece to show off the town, called “40 Things We Love About Wilton.” The online document is intended to highlight the most enticing and attractive features that are widely mentioned as being favorites. It’s a tool that that people who potentially want to live, visit and work here can easily see the many local amenities Wilton offers.

Bright, colorful and easy to read, it’s a beautiful looking document. It was created by Echo Brand Group, the Wilton-based marketing and branding firm that also produced the EDC’s commercial video. Production of the document was overseen Sarah Gioffre, who works part-time on special projects out of the first selectman’s office. It was created to complement the EDC videos.

“We tried to come up with a variety, looking not just at businesses and organizations but places in town, events, nature spots, art, sports as well as volunteer organizations to come up with a well rounded document,” Gioffre explained at this week’s Board of Selectmen meeting.

Among the 40 things on the list are Ambler Farm, the Memorial Day Parade, the Summer Concert series, the Norwalk River Valley Trail, Wilton Schools, Wilton Rocks for Food, Wilton volunteers, and many others.

According to first selectman Lynne Vanderslice, the idea for the document came out of necessity. “When Tauck was moving into town I received a phone call from someone asking, ‘Do you have one small piece of material for our employees that don’t know anything about Wilton?’ And we didn’t have anything.”

The document was created to look attractive if printed out, but it’s also an interactive pdf, which allows online viewers to click through hyperlinks directly to the websites of many of the items on the “40 Things We Love” list. The document is viewable on all devices, from laptops and desktop computers to tablets and smart phones.

Gioffre said it’s something the realtors will really be able to use as an effective, useful tool.

“Realtors have said to us in the past that their clients are looking for a piece like this where they can have it with them out on the road or to pull up on their phone to look at it.”

Lisa Bender, a realtor with Wilton’s William Raveis office says the document hits the nail on the head.

“This is such a great marketing piece for Wilton and its realtors! It showcases the best of Wilton in one easy-to-share document. This is comprehensive, and will be a breeze to forward to clients considering a move here. Wilton always has been–and always will be–a value for its families, and this further reinforces it.”

Peg Koellmer, who owns Realty Seven, agreed. especially about how the document shows how many good things there are to love about the town.

“Living and working in Wilton is like being a part of a large supportive family. There is a strong sense of community that includes our seniors to our children. There is something for everyone including a vibrant village center with wonderful shopping, restaurants and cinema to the programs at the library senior center, teen center and the YMCA . ’40 Things We Love About Wilton’ conveys this to potential residents.”

In addition to making sure Wilton realtors have the pdf, Gioffre said she’ll publicize the document in local news media, and it will be available as a link on both the town website and the EDC website. She will also posted about it on social media. Vanderslice added that the pdf will also be distributed to all the real estate offices in Fairfield County.

Selectman Dick Dubow suggested the document be heavily publicized with current Wilton residents, who he said could also use it with people they know who might be considering Wilton as a place to live. “Every one of our citizens could potentially become a spokesperson for Wilton. Familiarize them with it, they’ll be interacting with people, they have friends who are coming to town looking at properties. The more of that we’re able to do, we extend our reach,” adding that spreading the news about the document at Kiwanis and Rotary meetings, school Open Houses, and more would help too.

Vanderslice said that adding this to the suite of tools Wilton has in its marketing toolbox is something Wilton has to do to stay viable and visible. She cited several examples of similar efforts that are underway in surrounding towns. Weston has created a new website called “Weston Way” and is using residents as ambassadors for prospective residents to contact; New Canaan’s Chamber of Commerce and realtors have collaborated on a video called “Home is New Canaan;” and one business owner in Ridgefield is organizing a fundraising effort to hire a multi-media marketing campaign to the tune of $25,000.

“In this current competitive real estate environment it’s become very common that town governments and local organizations are being proactive in marketing the town,” Vanderslice noted.

Visit the town website to see what made the top 40 list, or flip through our slideshow, here…

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