School aged girls with cello and guitar in the autumn forest

Barbara Wyton, the founder and director of the Wilton Conservatory for 20 years, has started her own music lesson business, called Continuo Music at Home. The program offers private, in-home music lessons for children and adults.

“I have over 25 music instructors that are experts in their field, and offer private lessons on all instruments:  woodwinds, brass, strings, piano, and guitar, as well as vocal lessons. We also have recitals twice a year,” she says.

Wyton taught band at Cider Mill for 34 years. She retired a few years ago, but missed the opportunity to work with music students. Wyton will be available herself to offer woodwinds lessons.

She says the music lessons are tailored for children in grades K-12, as well as adults.

“We offer really high quality instruction, and families with multiple children can really benefit,” Wyton says, adding that 30-minute lessons cost $45, and 45-minute lessons are $65. She said some parents consider taking lessons alongside their children, especially as lessons are taught at the students’ homes.

“That’s a plus,” she said.

Wyton adds that studying music offers incredible long-lasting benefits.

“When children learn to play an instrument, they strengthen a range of auditory skills. Recent studies suggest that these benefits extend all through life, at least [for] those that continue to be engaged in music. Giving your child the chance to play a musical instrument is a beautiful way to foster creativity, mental aptitude and focus. Starting your child early in music lessons allows them to excel due to their natural curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm,” she says.

Email Wyton for more information about registering for lessons, email Wyton.