During yesterday’s sudden severe storms, Wilton Police were able to keep residents alerted about road closures via an email emergency alert list. Anyone who isn’t yet registered to receive the alerts can do so easily, thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Wilton.

According to the Kiwanis Club website, the Club “established a town-wide email list, to allow Wilton Town officials to notify members of the public of urgent and emergency information. It may also be used as another notification method for school closings. Perhaps more importantly, it will be available as part of the emergency preparedness process to notify [residents] of any environmental or terror threats that might occur. It will be used very infrequently, but enough to know it is working.”

Only authorized Town officials are permitted to send messages and use the system. The email group is run by the Wilton Kiwanis Club as a free public service for the benefit of all who live or work in Wilton. Since only a selected set of officials can post to the group and since attachments to messages will not be allowed, organizers say viruses and spam should not be a problem.

For more information or to sign up for the Wilton emergency alert email list, visit the Kiwanis Club of Wilton website.