Each week the Wilton town clerk’s office releases the data for the prior week’s real estate transactions. For the week of Dec. 7-13, 2018, the following properties changed hands (including address, sale price and photo where available):

  • Michael Leary sold 39 Cider Mill Pl. to Matthew and Jennifer Bell for $925,000.
  • Mark Abboushi and Stephanie Copelin sold 49 Chicken St. to Katrina Lapenne and Jonathan Belsky for $615,000.
  • David and Suzanne Kohn sold 69 Cherry Ln. to Gerald Griffin III and Anna Williams for $575,000.
  • Clarence John Brom sold 16 Village Walk to Isabelle Mary Brom Breen for $110,000.
  • Richard Watson and Meredith MacLaine sold 195 Cannon Rd. to Nicholas Francia and Mary Bruce for $730,000.
  • Jean Dodds sold 77 Buckingham Ridge Rd. to Rock Rockefellar and L Kottapalli-Suman for $827,500.
  • Joseph and Zita Mercurio sold 19 Lambert Common to Meredith Anne Munro MacLaine for $475,000.
  • Roberto Jr. and Laura sold 51 Dirksen Dr. to Vincent and Catherine Rosolen for $810,000.