Dear GMW readers,

This morning, GMW used an inappropriate illustration to accompany an article about the Board of Finance, and it has since been removed. It perpetuated gender stereotypes and was disrespectful, and it was the wrong choice. I want to apologize for an error in judgment.

Our late-night turnaround on news stories like last night’s BOF meeting doesn’t always make the best conditions for creative choices, and today’s misstep is an example of that. We always try to hold ourselves to the highest standards, and in this case, I stumbled. The graphic was intended to convey distraction, but it missed the mark. Photo selection is my responsibility as editor, and it shouldn’t reflect on the writer or the story, which was a good one. I’ll learn from this and keep trying to improve what we do for the community.

As always, we appreciate the trust you’ve put in GMW for the last 8.5 years and hope it continues.

With much appreciation,