GOOD Morning Wilton was asked to publish this editorial message from Wilton’s fire chief, Chief Ronald Kanterman.

We have responded to two house fires in the past 10 days in town. Both have been deemed “accidental” in nature by fire investigators, meaning they were not set intentionally nor was arson a factor. This brings us to the fact that the people of Wilton are doing things or not doing things that are contributing to these incidents. Please take a lesson from your neighbors who have suffered material losses due to fires in their homes and review the following:

It’s spring. Take a few minutes, get the kids involved, make it a family activity and take a good look around your house for the following conditions that may contribute to a fire and let’s work together as a community to prevent home fires all year round.

  • Electrical systems:
    • Do not overload outlets with multiple 4, 5 and 6 way plug receptacles.
    • Do not run wires under rugs.
    • Do not daisy-chain outlet strips and make sure they have a circuit breaker on them.
    • Do not use extension cords on a permanent basis for appliances. These should be plugged directly into an outlet.
  • Heating: (we know it’s warming up however…)
    • Keep at least three feet of distance between any portable heater, blower or permanent heating system vent to combustible materials, e.g. bedding, stacks of papers or magazines, table cloths, drapes and the wood pile.
    • Check older heating systems especially built-in wall units, etc. Wiring gets old, dries out and then… We have a lot of older homes in Town so electrical maintenance is key to preventing a home fire.
    • Never leave fire places, wood burning stoves or similar appurtenances unattended.
  • Cooking: (the leading cause of home fires in the nation)
    • Never leave the stove unattended while cooking.
    • Watch the temperature of cooking oils especially when deep frying.
    • Never use water on a grease fire. Simply cover the pot or pan.
  • Hazardous Materials:
    • Never store flammable or combustible liquids or portable propane tanks inside your home.
    • Get rid of old or non-usable materials through proper disposal methods.
  • All Emergencies – Call 9-1-1; Do not call the firehouse. We may be out!

If you think your home is on fire or if you have a smoke condition, do not hesitate to call

9-1-1. While we fight fire on the surface, under it all, we’re really fighting the clock. Rapid intervention is the key to saving life and property. Help us help you. Inspect your home for fire hazards and call the Office of the Fire Marshal (203.834.6249) if you have any questions or need assistance of any kind. Enjoy the spring and up-coming warm summer weather.