To enhance both beauty and safety for visitors to Ambler Farm, the Friends of Ambler Farm has created and will install brick walkways at the entrance to the Farm’s Carriage Barn and its parking area, and between the Carriage Barn and the Raymond-Ambler Farmhouse. They’ve invited the public to help support the improvement effort by purchasing commemorative bricks that will carry personalized messages.

“Ambler Farm has been a part of the Wilton community for more than 200 years. The recent work done together by the Town of Wilton and the Friends of Ambler Farm has ushered in a new era.  All of the important activities now offered at Ambler Farm benefit adults, children and families in Wilton and the surrounding towns. Purchasing a brick allows everyone to be a part of our wonderful town landmark, to support the farm and leave your name for future generations to enjoy,” said board member Kimberly Johnson.

Engraved bricks will be placed on the walkway in the location of the donor’s choice on a first-come, first-served basis.

The purchase price is a contribution that supports the Farm’s ongoing educational and agricultural programs as well as the restoration of the historic Raymond-Ambler Farmhouse. Bricks are available in two sizes and can be purchased and named for a $150 or $250 tax-deductible contribution.

“The bricks provide a wonderful way to support the farm while simultaneously leaving a lasting legacy in honor of a special friend, family member or even a pet,” explains Ambler Farm board member Jeanne Robertson. “The walkway will represent the true spirit of community on which the farm has grown through the years!”

One walkway outside the Carriage Barn (familiarly called the “White Barn”) already has been completed; it was built by a Wilton-based company, KMG Landscaping, Inc., owned by Marc DeSimone. Donated bricks can easily be added as they are purchased.

The Friends have planned a second brick walkway connecting the Carriage Barn and the Raymond Ambler Farmhouse, once construction at that building is complete. The Ambler Farm website lists information on brick prices and sizes as well as the order form .

Completion of the first path followed the success of the recent Ambler Farm Day, on Sept. 28. Organizers called it “the busiest Ambler Farm Day they can remember!” They compiled a “by-the-numbers” look at the event and by all accounts, the tallies attest to the day’s success.
* 200 Granny Smith and 120 Cortland apples were used to make the signature Ambler Farm pies.
* 450 pumpkins
* Over 1,000 cider apples for slingshots
* 600 Macintosh apples for the apple peeler (all of which is repurposed for our compost pile)
* 60-plus honey crisp apples were sold at concessions
* 892-plus water bottles sold
* 1,070 hot dogs and brats grilled and eaten
* 86 apprentices in red shirts that helped set-up, clean-up and manage stations
* 90-100 volunteers who manned stations
* 26 bakers made 44 Ambler Farm signature apple pies
* 14 years we’ve run AFD
* Approximately 664 families/groups attended
* Hay Used:  374 total bales.  Broken down:
   Hay Maze    275 bales
   Hay Rides    26
   Scarecrows    40
   Tumble ground     25
   Pumpkin Patch       8
* 82 degrees Fahrenheit: high temperature for the day