The PTA announced winning Wilton Public School students from the 2015-16 PTA Reflections waytest, the annual celebration of the arts run as part of the National PTA Reflections program.

The theme of this year’s competition was “Let Your Imagination Fly,” and the contest welcomed submissions from budding artists, photographers, writers, dancers and musicians throughout the Wilton school district. Winners will go on to compete with other entrants across the state for recognition and a chance to advance to the national round.

“It’s exciting to see so many students expressing their thoughts and ideas so creatively through the arts, and it’s wonderful how the unique personality of each artist really shines through in their work. I hope that they all continue to find joy in being artistically creative throughout their lives,” said Petra Saldutti, PTA Reflections co-chair for Wilton High School and Middlebrook School.

The competition encourages students from all grades and abilities to explore and be involved in the arts. Annually, thousands of students will reflect on a common theme and create original works of art in the categories of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts.

Visual arts and photography entries have been on exhibition at the Wilton Library since Jan. 11, and will be available to view through Tuesday, Jan. 19.

PTA Reflections Competition Winners:

Primary Division, Pre-K–Grade 2

Visual Arts
1st  Joshua Comiskey
2nd  Eddie Musser
3rd  Raima Kaushal
Honorable Mention:  Dylan Pamnani, Elissa Enman, Tristen Albright

1st  Ronan Conway
2nd  Ava Rose Herbstreith
3rd  Arav Gupta
Honorable Mention:  Maria Giannoutsos

1st  Jack Hamilton
2nd  Mick Hamilton
3rd  Diya Vijit Nair
Honorable Mention:  Liliana Finn

Intermediate Division, Grades 3–5

Visual Arts
1st  Kosygin Andrey
2nd  Alexis Shukovsky
3rd  Lukas Koutsoukos
Honorable Mention:  Fiona Conway, Caisie Kennedy

1st  Juliette Casher
2nd  Sahana Bhagavatula
3rd  Tina Pamnani
Honorable Mention:  Avni Gupta

1st  Scarlett Dicamillo
2nd   Lukas Koutsoukos
3rd  Bihan Jayawardhane

1st  Grace Ratcliffe

1st  Kelsey Tangorra
2nd  Siddhartha Suneja

1st  Finn Ryder

Middle School Division, Grades 6–8

Visual Arts
1st  Aby Yoon
2nd  Alexander Koutsoukos
3rd  Caelah Kennedy
Honorable Mention:  Aislynn Conway

1st  Aislynn Conway
2nd  Gavin Bond
3rd  Ryan McElroy

1st  Mickey Wilcox
2nd  Dalton DiCamillo
3rd  Alexander Koutsoukos

1st  Brycen Addison

High School Division, Gades 9-12

Visual Arts
1st  Allison Farago
2nd  Elizabeth Yoon
3rd  Mia Ruefenacht
Honorable Mention:  Kathryn Cunningham

Special Artist
1st  Vincent Sexton

Honorable Mention:  Michael McElroy

1st  Jeromy DiGiacomo
2nd  Anthony Wilcox
3rd  Skyler Addison

1st  Will Comer
2nd  Nik Fazio
3rd  Jeromy DiGiacomo

1st  Dilshad Dinshaw
2nd  Isabella Segall