You asked, GOOD Morning Wilton got answers for our new series, Ask Me Anything. We invited readers to submit their questions for Wilton Public Schools Superintendent Kevin Smith on the school district’s response to COVID-19, and we posed them to him earlier in the week. Below are the video results of that interview, where Smith responded to questions on everything from what the threshold is to push the district to all remote, to what to do if you know someone who should be quarantining isn’t, to his plan about implementing testing.

We are making the entire video available, followed by clips of the individual questions to help readers search for a particular question of interest.

Question 1:   Should you reassess the policy allowing siblings of a student in quarantine to go to school?

Question 2:  If we shut everything down and we have ZERO cases but a whole generation of youth that is worse off (socially, academically, mental health, addiction, etc.), would you still call that a success?

Question 3:  Why not open all the schools fully, offer kids the choice of going in-school or remotely?  Remote learning is not working for many students and parents. And if teachers are concerned, why not offer them the opportunity to teach remotely via zoom to a class of students?

Question 4:  How many students have chosen to learn remotely at Middlebrook and Wilton High School?

Question 5:  Cider Mill and Miller-Driscoll have moved back to a four-day, in-person learning model for all. How is it going at both of those schools?

Question 6:  Would you consider at any point to go remote voluntarily as numbers are rising right now, through the Christmas break to mitigate infection throughout the district?

Question 7:  What is the threshold that determines when the district would be moved to a full remote learning model? How many students and staff have to be infected or quarantined before the district goes fully remote?

Question 8:  What is the best course of action if you know someone who is not quarantining after traveling, or not quarantining after being in contact with someone who has tested positive for covid? What do you do if someone you know is flouting the rules?

Question 9:   In November, a picture of the WHS boys’ soccer team was posted on GOOD Morning Wilton.  Of the 24 students on the team only one was wearing a mask correctly and just one other was wearing a mask beneath his chin.  For the remaining 22 students, there was not a mask in sight.  

Was this not a school sponsored event?  While masks might not be required during a game are they not required if safe distances are unable to be maintained, as in standing shoulder to shoulder for a photograph?  

How is that different from the photo of the high school girls together at a party that made news at the start of the school year?

Question 10: Will any of the testing you are looking into be used to test students? Can families opt out if they want to?

Question 11:  Is there anything else you’d like to share?