First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice provided her nighly update on the town’s response to the COVID-19 health crisis for Monday, April 20. In it she delivered a message of caution to people who think re-opening the economy and public life can happen soon:  “We aren’t there yet,” she wrote.

She explained the criteria that are considered in the decision to re-open, especially for residents who have asked about the town’s plans to re-open.

“Most aspects of re-opening will be decided by the state. Last Wednesday, Gov. Lamont held a press conference with the co-chairs of his advisory committee on reopening. One of the co-chairs, Dr. Albert Ko reviewed a PowerPoint side titled When Can We Reopen? The slide contains the following six bullet points, which aren’t dissimilar from the White House Task Force’s presentation:

  • “14-day decline in cases/hospitalizations
  • “Mass testing, contact testing & self-isolation
  • “Protect high-risk populations
  • “Adequate supply of PPE
  • “Continued physical distancing regulations
  • “Adequate healthcare capacity for all”

Vanderslice added that the 14-day decline refers to 14 days of sustained decline in the rate of growth in cases. She noted that statewide, “cases grew by 6,434 since last Monday, roughly the same growth as during the prior week.”

Monday, April 20’s one-day increases in cases, which includes catch-up, were the highest single-day increases for the State and Fairfield County. This, said Vanderslice, “contributes to the outlook that reopening is likely not happening soon.”

Residents required to wear Masks in public

As of 8 p.m. Monday evening, residents are required to wear a mask or face-covering in public if they cannot maintain a distance of six feet, with some exceptions based on age and medical conditions. Vanderslice also noted that employees of essential businesses are required to wear a mask or face-covering, whether or not they interact with the public, again with exceptions for medical conditions.

Vanderslice added other reminders about social distance and courtesy:  “We all know it is very difficult to maintain six feet distance inside any Wilton store or on a crowded trail. Please, wear a mask or face-covering. In addition, while at the store, please be respectful of the store employees and adhere to one-way aisles and distancing at check-out and the deli. Please be respectful of fellow shoppers by maintaining distance from those in front and behind you and by not touching or reaching over another shopper’s cart.”

She also reminded residents of other necessary elements of public respect: “Speaking of respectful, Wilton’s Carry In-Carry Out policy applies to all locations in Wilton, whether on a town-owned trail or the NRVT. Please take your trash and your doggie bag with you to dispose of at home.”

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  1. I would like to remind shoppers to be courteous and move in the direction of the arrows. We want everyone to be safe. Thanks.

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