To the Editor:

As many in the Wilton community know, the town has approved the restoration of the Wilton High School track and crews will soon begin work (work will begin this spring/summer).

Back the Track (BTT), a volunteer organization, was founded in 2017 to drive awareness, support and fundraising for this project. These efforts garnered tremendous support from so many in our community. We are writing to announce that the $80,500 raised has now been gifted to the Town of Wilton to help defray costs of the new track.

Through this project, we have had the pleasure of working with the tireless team at Parks and Rec to bring the new track efforts to the starting line. We hereby thank our donors large and small. We worked with so many facets of the Wilton community to raise awareness of the need for a new track. BTT appreciates every single one of you who took the time to donate dollars, run a fundraising race or give your time in some other way. Every cent matters–from dollars thrown into a jar at the indoor track meets to fun run entries, to support of events at Marly’s, as well as the Trackside event (during the pandemic summer of 2020!) and generous individual donations.

Our partners in this journey included the following individuals and organizations for whom we are especially grateful: the Wilton Track Association and Wilton Running Club supporters, especially Arlena Welch, Kim Dejana, Rebecca Lin, Carolyn Snyder, Sally Healy, JR Sherman and Mary Zengo as well as the WHS Athletic Department and Coach Jim Gerweck.

Critical to our success was the incredible Max Fanwick and Explorator Media, the creative genius behind our BTT website.

Local businesses that helped with fundraisers and fun run sponsors included Marly’s, Craft 14, Rings End, Open House, Joy Ride, Bankwell, Wilton Deli, Splash, Wilton Pizza, Ridgefield Running Company and GOOD Morning Wilton.

We thank you all and look forward to seeing you on the new track!

Kevin Foley
Bev Hermann
Back the Track

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