Multiple residents of North Wilton have recently spotted a new visitor to the neighborhood–a majestic bald eagle has been seen perched on branches and flying overhead by several local families.

One spotter commented on how awed he was by the bird’s wingspan, which was much larger than he would have thought judging by the size of the bird sitting on a tree limb.

Wilton resident Alison Luciano spotted the eagle on Thursday, Jan. 28, near the Wilton/Ridgefield border and was able to capture photos and videos, which she has shared with GOOD Morning Wilton readers.

“I hadn’t even realized that there were bald eagles around here. I was definitely overly excited to see one for the first time in nature,” she said, adding that at first, she thought it might have been a Woodcock Nature Center resident that found its way out.

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4 replies on “Bald Eagle Spotted in North Wilton [PHOTOS, VIDEO]”

  1. Wonderful article bringing attention and awareness to this iconic raptor. Thanks to the banning of DDT in 1972, Bald Eagles have made a strong comeback in the US, and are now regularly seen in CT. 2020 has been a record year with close to 100 nesting pairs in CT, and they will commonly winter here so long as there’s open water around. Keep an eye out to see where this one flys to as Bald Eagles begin nesting now. I suspect they nest around the S Norwalk Reservoir too.

  2. According to Pete Piccone, wildlife biologist from CT DEEP, in 1992 there was only one pair of bald eagles in the state. Now there are 72 pairs. See what happens when we remove toxic chemicals from our environment. Bald eagles couldn’t survive eating chemical-laden fish from our lakes and ponds. Let’s get our kids outside so they can spot these magnificent birds!

  3. I think it is the same eagle I saw in our backyard 10-11-2020 last year. My husband just sent the editor our photos. I see this eagle gliding over our backyard hunting for food. I am glad someone else has taken a photo…. I look up to the trees hoping to see the eagle again. And also wondering where the nest is as eagles go back to the same nest each year.

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