Wilton police arrested a man they say impersonated the owner of the Boston Bruins on more than one occasion. On Friday, July 20, they took 37-year-old Jeffrey Jacobs into custody for allegedly saying he was 78-year-old Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs as a scam to secure special treatment and avoid paying a bill.

The first reported incident happened after a tree fell on Jeffrey Jacobs’ Drum Hill Rd. home during a February 2017 storm. Jacobs allegedly called a tree company and told them he was the Boston team’s owner in order to get them to respond faster. According to the police report, the tree company sent the bill for the work to the Bruins franchise offices.

Police say after Bruins’ Security reached out to them, Wilton detectives they made contact with Jeffery Jacobs and told him to cease impersonating Bruins ownership or possibly face criminal charges.

A second incident occurred in November 2017 when a Wilton officer stopped Jeffrey Jacobs on a motor vehicle violation. The police report states that, “During the contact Jeffrey Jacobs told the officer he was part of Bruins ownership in an attempt to obtain leniency in the officer’s enforcement action. The officer being familiar with the previous investigation involving Jeffrey Jacobs informed detectives of his contact and the fact that Jeffrey Jacobs continued to purport himself as the owner of the Bruins.”

Wilton Police obtained an arrest warrant for Jeffrey Jacobs in November 2017 for the charge of Criminal Impersonation.

But it wasn’t until Thursday, July 19, 2018 that Jeffrey Jacobs was taken into custody, following a motor vehicle stop in Wappingers Falls, NY. Jacobs waived extradition and was transferred to Wilton custody the next day. He was fingerprinted, processed, and released later the same night on a $5,000 surety bond. He has a court date on Monday, July 30 in Norwalk Criminal Court.