A very beautiful final week (June 25-July 1) of June is ahead with sunshine dominating the picture. Aside from the chance for a few storms on Thursday, it will be nice and dry ahead of a significant warmup and the first heat wave of the season this weekend.

Monday, June 25:  A very beautiful start to the new week is ahead thanks to high pressure building in from the north and west. The sinking air associated with this pressure will allow for few clouds and dry conditions. For your Monday, expect very pleasant conditions with mostly sunny skies, very low humidity, and a high at about 80 degrees. The only downside to the day is that it will be breezy with gusts up to 30 mph, but it will be a refreshing north-northwesterly wind.

Tuesday, June 26:  Tuesday will be an absolutely perfect day, featuring lighter winds, mostly sunny skies, and a high once again near 80 degrees, which is about average for this time of the year. The weather can’t get much better than this for late-June. Winds will shift from the west to the south during the day, so humidity levels will increase slightly. Either way, the air will be dry overall with the moisture becoming somewhat noticeable by the evening.

Wednesday, June 27:  On Wednesday, the highest pressure will shift to the east, and there will be a stout, southerly wind that builds in, so winds will become gusty once again. Nonetheless, it will be another nice, summer day with a warm breeze paired with filtered sunshine thanks to high clouds overhead much of the day.

Thursday, June 28:  Those high clouds from Wednesday are associated with the next storm system that arrives on Thursday. The moisture ahead of this cold front will weaken once it reaches New England, so that will only allow for the chance of a few showers and thunderstorms, especially in the morning hours. The day will definitely not be a washout and we should dry out by the late-afternoon. High temperatures will begin to rise as a large heat dome begins to build over the Northeast, which will last through at least the 4th of July.

Friday, June 29:  This heat dome, which is a strong area of high pressure in the upper-levels of the atmosphere, will influence much of this weekend’s weather and should allow for dry weather conditions. That, paired with a developing Bermuda High, is the perfect setup for very hot and humid conditions. These Bermuda Highs are often the culprit for heat waves. So on Friday, expect mostly sunny skies paired with dew points at around 70 degrees, which will make it feel oppressive outside. High temperatures will likely reach at least 90 degrees.

Saturday, June 30:  The heat and humidity will continue to pump in this weekend. This will be the hottest and one of the nicest weekends of the year–very fitting weather to welcome July on Sunday. In terms of Saturday’s forecast, there will be mostly sunny skies and dew points a few degrees higher into the mid 70s. Not only will it be humid, but high temperatures are currently forecast to reach the mid 90s.

Sunday, July 1:  Based on all of the model guidance, it currently appears that Sunday will be the hottest day of this stretch, which will persist into the entire first week of July. I’m currently forecasting a high temperature of 96 degrees, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we hit 100 degrees based on the rather perfect upper-level setup in the atmosphere. That heat and oppressive humidity will be paired with mostly sunny skies. It is worth noting that this heat will become dangerous, so it is important to take frequent breaks indoors and to drink lots of water because I’m sure many of you will be outside trying to enjoy the weekend. Not only will it be hot during the day, it will be very warm overnight. This constant heat will be another dangerous component of this upcoming heat wave.