The Wilton Newcomers Club was founded in 1965 as an opportunity for Wilton residents to connect with each other and local businesses. Now, more than 50 years later, the 
non-profit group is rebranding as the Wilton Newcomers & Neighbors, and in addition to a new name, WNN is starting the 2018-2019 year with a new logo and expanded mission.


“There existed an incorrect perception that the ‘Club’ was only for those new to Wilton, even though membership has always been open to all residents, whether they’ve lived here for two months, two years, or 20. With our new name, we hope to better convey the message that WNN is not an exclusive private social club but rather an inclusive community of neighbors,” says Tara Nicoletti, WNN’s secretary and vice president of communications.

As it did before its name change, WNN fosters connections within the community through a wide variety of activities, events, interest groups, and outreach suited to its diverse membership.

Officers are hoping that by redefining the group, community members will get engaged with one another, and continue to stay engaged, no matter how long they’ve been Wilton residents–thus the introduction of ‘neighbors’ to the group name.

“We want people to remain longstanding active members. The organization benefits from the combined experience, knowledge, and history of those who’ve lived here longer,” Nicoletti adds.

The transformation of the group actually started last year, as WNN’s president Kerri Hanley Charas explains.

“We began the year with a set of three substantive goals:  one, increase membership; two, expand the organization’s scope/reach; and three, offer additional types of events attractive to a larger percentage of our membership. I am proud to report that we accomplished all three goals. The culmination of these efforts and continued momentum led to our rebranding.”

This past spring, WNN kicked off a very successful new member campaign offering a two-year membership for $99. Given its success, the campaign remains in effect.

To help promote its mission and continue to expand its scope, WNN is pursuing partnerships with other Wilton organizations.

For its first formal event of the calendar year, WNN is joining with the Wilton Library Association, Realty Seven, and GOOD Morning Wilton as sponsors of its annual, first day of school Boo-Hoo Woo-Hoo Brunch. Traditionally a members-only event held at someone’s home on the first day of school, this year’s event will be held in the Wilton Library’s Brubeck Room and is open to members and non-members alike.

For more information or to register to attend the event, visit the Wilton Library’s website. To learn about upcoming events or sign up for membership, visit WNN’s website.