Wilton High School

This is an abbreviated report on the events related to the Threat Assessment Coordinator/budget decisions at last night’s Board of Education meeting. A more detailed update will be posted later today.

At last night’s Board of Education meeting, the Board decided to postpone any moves on budget changes required by the Board of Finance, with specific questions regarding the administration’s recommendation that a $85,000 Threat Assessment Coordinator be cut from the budget.

The board heard from Assistant Superintendent Chuck Smith and school security consultant Dr. David Bernstein, who outlined how the job responsibilities could be given to an existing school counselor or psychologist.

But citing a high number of emails from residents on the issue, and the desire to hear from the Wilton Security Task Force–who made the initial recommendation for the addition of a full-time, dedicated threat assessment professional–the Board decided to call a special meeting within the next seven days to fully address the question.

They acknowledged that the meeting has to happen quickly, before the budget vote goes to residents at the upcoming Annual Town Meeting on Tuesday, May 6.

One board member told the administrators that they should “plan for a decision that is different from your recommendation,” or to prepare for the possibility that the BoE will decide to not eliminate the position, and that an alternative budget reduction should be found in backup.

[Ed. Note:  This is news coverage of the event. GMW strives to be impartial in its news coverage. In full disclosure, the writer has also authored an editorial on the proposed cut of the security position. We welcome any feedback or question on this.]