At last night’s Board of Selectmen meeting, first selectmen Bill Brennan distributed a document to the members of the BoS, which he said was a “slightly revised agreement” with NESC about the search for a new CFO. The document, he said, was revised within the last 24 hours, and more accurately describes the compensation Wilton will pay to NESC depending on whether an interim or permanent CFO is found.

“We talked to NESC, and they said they understand, and they rewrote the paragraph. What they basically have said is that if the person we hire is an interim candidate and they work for three months, they would just charge us 20-percent of the compensation for three months; and if we then went on and hired a permanent, or if that person walked in to the permanent, then their fee would be for the whole year.”

Additionally, Brennan said that NESC has deferred a portion of the payments that were originally negotiated before the question of whether an interim or permanent CFO would be sought. Originally, the salary NESC was supposed to receive was $28,500, based on a percentage of the salary the town expected to pay a permanent replacement, and the town would have paid in three separate payments. Now, while Wilton has already remitted the first payment, NESC has said to hold off on making any further payments until it’s determined what type of candidate they find for the town.

Brennan added that NESC made these adjustments “without being asked.”

He mentioned that NESC has been working on the CFO search for a month already, and that signing the agreement and returning it would be something important to get done.

Brennan credited selectman Michael Kaelin with finding that the town’s agreement with NESC didn’t specify what would happen if NESC found an interim candidate.

FOI Complaint Withdawn

Brennan also read a brief, prepared statement, regarding the recent FOI complaint filed against him and other officials.

“With reference to the recently highly politicized and publicized FOI complaint filed against Msr. Brennan, Serenbetz and Dubow regarding the town of Wilton CFO search process, the complainants have withdrawn the complaint. I stated at the last Bd. of Selectmen’s meeting on Sept. 21, 2015, the allegations were misplaced and had no merit.”