On Thursday, Aug. 18, Wilton’s state senator Toni Boucher (R-26) released the following statement, against proposed Metro-North fare hikes.

“Here is a feature of life in Connecticut that has become dishearteningly regular. The people of our state protest that they cannot accommodate another demand on their wallets. The state responds by doing just that, and with a knack for making the impact as deeply felt as possible. There are few areas where the effect of greater expense is more immediate than on the daily commute. This is already a challenging cost for some to meet, and will become more so if the proposed 5-percent fare increase for Metro-North takes effect.

“How much longer can this trend continue, before our transportation system functions less as an incentive for people to stay in Connecticut, and more a means to convey them, permanently, elsewhere? For the individuals and families who find themselves squeezed on all sides by the growing expense of residing here, paying more and more for the same level of rail service may prove to be the decisive factor in relocating.

“The state of Connecticut should be doing everything in its power to stem the flow of families and businesses out of our state. I urge the Governor and the Department of Transportation to withdraw this proposal, as an unfair and costly imposition on our beleaguered commuters.

“The Department of Transportation will be accepting written testimony on the Metro-North fare hike proposal until Sept. 15 to submit. If you feel strongly that Connecticut’s commuters shouldn’t have to pay more for the same services this is a great opportunity to get involved. To submit testimony, simply email it and cc my office  and I will make sure your voice is heard.

Sen. Toni Boucher is the ranking member of the Transportation Committee. Her office can be reached by phone at 800.842.1421 or via email.

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