While the Wilton school district is re-examining how enrichment and gifted learning will be incorporated into its curriculum, there are other private options for parents to consider for their children. One such program is Boundless Education, a Wilton business that has been providing math enrichment for talented students in grades 1-6 for 15 years.

Wilton resident Nancy Miller started Boundless Education when she moved to Connecticut from Florida and couldn’t find something similar to a math enrichment program her children had taken there. So she started one herself, incorporating the IMACS curriculum her children had used.

“Our small classes focus on improving students’ analytical and problem solving skills while being game-based and fun, and students are placed by ability – not necessarily by grade or age,” Miller says. Classes run in 8-week quarters from September to June, but students can enter throughout the year.

She’s offering a free placement class for 3rd graders to learn more about and try out the program.

“Parents often ask, ‘Is Boundless right for my child?’  The answer is, ‘Yes,’ if your child likes math, grasps it easily, and asks for more math challenge,” Miller says, adding, “Students have fun while developing reasoning skills and a love of mathematical thinking.  Team logic games and independent challenges create a strong sense of accomplishment.”

First and second graders are offered a class that meets before school at Miller-Driscoll. Classes for older children meet after school at Comstock Community Center.

While the IMACS curriculum may not match or follow the curriculum that the kids follow in school, Miller has said to think about it this way:

“If you have a child who is musically talented, and you get them violin or piano lessons, they’re learning a different tool in their musical tool box. They’re still going to go to music class in school, and they’ll still get something out of that process–whether it’s learning to sing, to harmonize, to listen to someone else. But what they’ll see with us is a way of thinking that they won’t be exposed to in school, and it’s because they’ll be with like learners and they can fly as fast as they can fly. If we find someone who is outperforming the curriculum, we move them up–we don’t just ask them to sit and wait.”

The free placement class for 3rd graders is on Thursday, Oct. 27, from 2:30-3:30 p.m.. Reservations are required.

In addition, Miller has scheduled two Election Day Workshops (Tuesday, Nov. 8) for 5th graders, “Logic Puzzles and Math Games“–one at 10 a.m.-noon, and another from 1-3 p.m.. The cost for this workshop is $60 per class.

To learn more or to reserve a spot in any of the programs, call Boundless at 203.762.7402.