BREAKING NEWS, Monday, Aug. 17⎯After six years as the chief financial officer (CFO) for the town of Wilton, Sandy Dennies announced that she is stepping down from the post. Her last day will be Nov. 30, which is also the last day before a new first selectman will be sworn in to replace retiring first selectman Bill Brennan.

“Bill and I have been talking about my end game. We decided it would be a good thing to give him the support that he needs through the end of his term, before I called it a day,” she tells GOOD Morning Wilton.

Dennies doesn’t have specific plans to work elsewhere right away. “Actually I’m hoping to take the month of December off because it’s been years since I’ve enjoyed the holidays. Getting the budget ready for when they came back after New Year’s. It’s been a while.”

After that, she says she’d like to forego working in municipal government and instead focus on something more “humanitarian.”

“I would hope I’d be able to do something that I truly enjoy that will give me satisfaction as I go into the future that will hopefully make a difference for someone in this world.”

GOOD Morning Wilton will have the complete story tomorrow morning!