TUESDAY, April 26, 10:00 p.m.—With official presidential primary results in from the town’s registrars of voters, Wilton’s registered voters have chosen Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as their preferred presidential candidates. More than half (53.2%) of Wilton’s eligible registered Democratic and Republican voters cast their votes (including absentee ballots); of 7,452 eligible voters (3,226-D, 4,226-R), a total of 3,968 votes were cast.

Trump was also the official winner statewide, winning by a wide margin over Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the remaining two candidates still in contention. The vote was much closer here in Wilton; Trump notched 45.4% of Wilton’s Republican vote, while Kasich was at 44%.

The town’s registered Democrats overwhelmingly preferred Hillary Clinton (62%) to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (33.7%) by almost two-to-one. As of press time, the results statewide are still too close to call, with Clinton slightly ahead of Sanders—NBC News has Clinton at 118,183 (50%) and Sanders at 116,233 (49%) with 72% of the precincts reporting. [UPDATE, 10:50 P.M.  Clinton has been declared the winner of CT’s primary, with 50% to Sanders’ 48%.]

Here’s how Wilton’s numbers came in:

Republican Primary (winner in bold)

Ted Cruz — 184
Ben Carson — 7
Donald J. Trump — 957
John R. Kasich — 930
Uncommitted — 31

TOTAL Number Voting:  2,109 (50-percent turnout)

Democratic Primary (winner in bold)

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente — 2
Hillary Clinton — 1,216
Bernie Sanders — 626
Uncommitted — 15

TOTAL Number Voting:  1,859 (58-percent turnout)