At one of the several 'Over the Edge' fundraisers for Special Olympics that MacLean enjoyed.

The Wilton Police Department announced yesterday that Ofc. Diane MacLean has been selected to be the New School Resource Officer.

According to an email GOOD Morning Wilton received Tuesday afternoon from the WPD information officer, Lt. Donald Wakeman: “Chief [Michael] Lombardo selected Officer Diane MacLean as the second School Resource Officer (SRO). Officer MacLean is a 13 year veteran of the police department, currently assigned to the Patrol Division. Officer MacLean will be attending a week long School Resource Officer training program the week of Aug. 11 and will be ready to assist the current SRO Richard Ross at the beginning of the school year.”

The SRO position was something added as part of a recommendation made by the Wilton Security Task Force, earlier this year, as part of a multi-pronged effort to increase school safety and student support from multiple directions. The first approach to that effort was the hiring of a second school resource officer (SRO). Optimally, that would enable the existing SRO to focus entirely on the High School, while the new SRO could concentrate predominantly on Middlebrook middle school and the two elementary schools.

Overall, an additional $247,000 was added to the school budget to cover the new SRO position as well as another new school security position–that of a ‘threat assessment coordinator’ (now called a safe school climate coordinator) as well as security enhancements made to the four school buildings. will have more on this story tomorrow.