GOOD Morning Wilton is publishing this information with permission of the family.

On Sunday, Gov. Ned Lamont announced that the first CT presumptive positive patient with coronavirus was a Wilton resident. Town officials have been very forthcoming with information in the ensuing days about steps the town has taken, as well as to reassure the public that the state epidemiologists have been conducting all necessary contact tracing.

The family of four is relatively new in town; the couple celebrated the birth of their twins last fall. Her husband was in a higher risk group:  stemming from sleep apnea, his heart has an enlarged left ventricle and doesn’t pump as effectively. As a result he is susceptible to pneumonia, which he contracted within days of getting the virus. Since he was diagnosed, the husband has been in the ICU at Danbury Hospital, and the wife and her children are quarantined at home.

On Sunday, March 8, she posted on Facebook:

“I’ve debated whether or not to post this for many reasons:  it’s happened fast, I don’t want it to be real, I don’t want to induce panic, etc. But I also want people to hear it from me.

“My husband has had a viral illness all week that grew into double lobed pneumonia. This came about after flying back from San Francisco from a cybersecurity conference at the end of February.

“By Friday night [March 6] he was displaying some alarming respiratory symptoms and he was brought emergently to the hospital. We found out late last night [March 7] that he tested POSITIVE for the Coronavirus.

“Overnight his breathing and overall presentation worsened to the point he was moved to the ICU, placed in a medically induced coma, and ventilated.

“The boys and I so far show no symptoms and are quarantined for two weeks, so housebound.

“My husband’s prognosis is guarded. He is predisposed for pneumonia due to an underlying heart condition.

“Keep him in your prayers! Obviously both he and I are not accepting visitors and he obviously will not be responding for at least a week while his body rests and heals.”

On Monday, March 9 she wrote:

“He remains in a medically induced coma and heavily on a ventilator which is doing much of the work for his lungs. He has had low blood pressure and fluid on his lungs, but is on medications to rectify that which are working. He is receiving antiviral medications on an immediate compassionate care release to try to kill the virus.”

Editor’s note: Gilead Sciences, Inc., is the California-based biotechnology company that has developed remdesivir, which is being tested to treat COVID-19. The Wilton patient’s wife says the company is providing the medicine to “qualified patients on a compassionate use basis for emergency treatment outside of ongoing clinical studies.”

“I am so thankful he qualified to receive the drug and his Intensivist Doctor and Infectious Disease Doctor had it delivered and administered within 24 hours.”

Of course there are concerns. First, privacy. GOOD Morning Wilton is not going to reveal the family’s names or address. Hopefully, the Wilton community will unite to respect that and protect them as well. She does want people to know that her children are not school aged.

Second, they are grateful for the help they have received and the interest the community has already expressed in helping out more.

“Our congregation has been dropping off groceries, dinner, and medications. My husband’s short term disability pays 60% of his salary and I work full time hours as a Pediatric Registered Nurse BSN, but per diem so I have no sick leave and am unable to work, obviously.”

What would be the biggest help right now are Amazon gift cards that she can use to order household items to be delivered at home. Even though the quarantine is set until at least March 20, the husband will undoubtedly have a long recovery ahead.

For now, the private Wilton 411 Facebook Group will have information. The wife has also set up a special gmail address so that Amazon gift cards can be sent to her directly online.

And in the coming days more information as necessary will be released.

UPDATE:  There is now a GoFundMe account that has been set up by relatives of this Wilton family. Donations are being accepted there as well.

17 replies on “BREAKING–Wife of Wilton Coronavirus Patient: “He’s in Medical Coma, My Infant Twins & Me in Quarantine””

  1. Not informational, just sensational to boost readership. What does this really do for the situation. If your intent was to help, you could have done it in a much more professional way. This reads like a National Enquirer Headline

    1. What does it do for the situation? A lot, actually. For one, the public now knows that there are no school aged children. This information had not previously been known and it has been a big concern for those of us with children in school. Second, it provides a timeline of the onset of this gentleman’s illness, which is somewhat helpful for public awareness. Finally, it enables a method for anyone to assist the family that wouldn’t otherwise have an ability to do so.

      What isn’t helpful is sensational and needless editorializing about articles on GMW. For what it’s worth, the current headline on the National Enquirer is “OMG Heartbreak & Horror on the Racetrack. Nascar star Ryan Newman Crashed Days After He Split With Wife!”.

      1. Thanks Wilton Resident. There’s something else: This family knows they’re not alone, despite being separated and isolated. A young mom, with twin infants, I can only imagine what that’s like for two weeks solo, let alone when your husband is in critical condition and you can’t see him. What this article has helped do is marshal support not just in Wilton but far beyond. In just a few hours, the $10,000 GoFundMe goal has been just about met, and Amazon card donations have been sent by the dozens. And what’s more, I got the article approved by the family before publishing. They’re the only ones whose opinion I worried about before hitting publish.

  2. How sad that there are negative, judgmental people out there. I have family in Wilton and have been concerned for this family. Knowing all the particulars now, my heart aches for this mother, home alone with her infants, not being able to visit with her very ill husband. She must feel so alone! However, because of this article, she will come to know and understand just how so many people care. I live in Rockland…and YES, I will be donating and sending Amazon gift cards because in the end, we are a caring, generous, kind, thoughtful and loving people!

    1. If you go to, in the search bar, type “send a gift card by email.” One of the top options will be the Amazon eGift card. You can click on that and fill it out with the email address of the recipient as when you complete payment it will get sent directly to the family. Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you Heather. I pray for the family and will send a gift card. Though I don’t agree with the media’s fear-mongering we should all understand & respect the seriousness of the illness. ???? for his recovery. Good reporting.

    1. At the family’s request, we linked to the family-created and family run GoFundMe page.

  4. To the naysayers: why not direct your energy to helping out this tragic situation. You can start by Sunday some money or an Amazon card. The amount doesn’t matter at this point that poor woman needs to know that people support her by Sunday some money or an Amazon card. The amount doesn’t matter at this point that poor woman needs to know that people support her

  5. I’m so glad there are ways that we can help. I lost my husband recently and aside from her being isolated with two infants, I would have been beside myself if I could not be at my husband’s bedside while he was ill. So I know how incredibly difficult this is for her. She and her children are in my prayers and I thank all the caring people of Wilton.

    1. I’m so sorry about your husband, Joyce. It’s very kind of you to express your concern for this young family. The community coming together is very heartening.

  6. In times like these God waits to see how we all deal with this. It is time for us to be sensetive and help in anyway. The unfortunate people need us to be supportive. Mentally it affects all to the point no one can make sence of this. Please lets all be loving and send out healing thoughts and prayers. May the Lord help us all.

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