$10 winner Bridget Chase (Mr. Giaimo) (pictured with her brother, Ian)

Here’s the buzz….. We hear five lucky Miller-Driscoll School students have been randomly chosen as winners in the “Bee Kind” Day drawing sponsored by the Parent Advisory Board (PAB).

The random drawing was done in conjunction with GOOD Morning Wilton to celebrate Miller-Driscoll’s “Bee Kind” Day on Friday, April 29. The day was an opportunity for all students to dress like bees and to think about ways to “Bee Kind” and include others, especially those with disabilities. Bee Kind Day was just one of the Wilton Public Schools‘ more comprehensive efforts to mark Disability Awareness Month, to raise awareness, encourage sensitivity and increase inclusion through the school district.

The photo drawing was a way to get the school and Miller-Driscoll families “humming” a little more in the hive, to drum up some “buzz” about “Bee Kind” Day, and sweeten the (honey) pot. Parents shared photos of their students dressed in their best bee costumes and five lucky students’ photos were randomly selected. Those students whose photos were drawn will receive either a $5, $10 or $15 gift card to the Toy Chest, a plush “Bee Kind” Bee, and their picture in GMW.

Miller-Driscoll’s Bee Photo Winners are:

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“The PAB sincerely appreciates the efforts of all those busy bees (and their parents) who sent in thirty plus amazing entries and made such an effort to Bee extra kind this past Friday! Although we could only select five random prize winners, every entrant is a winner in our book. The outfits were, to a one, incredibly cute! Thanks again to everyone who participated,” says Mary Jane Reis, PAB board secretary.

According to the PAB webpage, “The mission of the PAB is to improve communication, education and trust among parents of children with special needs, the Wilton Public School staff and administration, and the community. Through its website and programs, the PAB strives to help parents understand the special education process as well as to improve understanding of children with special needs within our schools and our community. The PAB is comprised of parents of children receiving special services in Wilton, PTA Special Education representatives, and administrators from our five schools and Wilton Special Services.” They say anyone should feel free to email with any questions.