2nd Grade: Ayden-James Heybroek

Despite two nor’easter, town-wide power outages and a weeklong delay, Miller-Driscoll students celebrated “Bee Kind” Day this past Friday, March 16, as part of the Wilton Public School’s Disability Awareness Month. As part of the festivities, parents submitted just over 60 pictures of amazing Miller-Driscoll students who dressed like bees and started some buzz about the importance of “beeing kind” and including others, especially their peers with learning differences and disabilities.

The day-long celebration, which was sponsored by the Wilton Parent Advisory Board and GOOD Morning Wilton, ended in a random drawing. Four lucky bees won gift cards donated by the Wilton Toy Chest, as well as gift bags of goodie and their pictures in today’s edition of GMW, announced below.

According to PAB organizer Kate Bradt, “ I was lucky enough to be in school that day and see all the wonderful bees buzzing about. Every child who dressed like a bee and entered the drawing was a winner in our book.”

Many of the MD students who entered the contest also added in a few words about what it means to ‘bee kind.’ First grader Katie Carstens said, “It means to not say or do mean things to people and include everyone.” Kindergartner Leo Albers felt, “It is kind to like someone and to give flowers to make people feel good. “ Ronan Lu Prek believe that, “Being Kind is to help your friend when they need help.”

The PAB/GMW Bee Kind Drawing winners are:

Ayden-James Heybroek, 2nd Grade

Second grade winner Ayden-James Heybroek (left) wanted to incorporate his brother, Bryce, into making his shirt for “Bee Kind” day. Bryce was born with an eye condition called micropithalmia, which leaves him partially blind, so Ayden created a Bee with one good eye and added “Be Kind” on his shirt in Braille. His mom said, “We thought this would be a great way to teach the other classmates about blindness and how others ‘read’ with their hands/fingers. Also, that bee-ing different is really cool too!”

The Wilton PAB would like to thank the Toy Chest, a specialty to store that’s worth the trip to Wilton town center, for their donation of four gift cards. The Toy Chest also has locations in New Canaan and Ridgefield towns.

Ryann Tobey, 1st Grade

“If you’re kind to someone you don’t know you’ll become friends.”

The back of Ryann Tobey’s shirt.
Riley Metz, Kindergarten

“Everyone should be kind all the time.”

Adel Yerenkova, Pre-K