The Wilton Parks and Recreation Department is implementing a “Carry In, Carry Out” pilot program effective immediately for trash and recycling at town owned fields and trails.

The program was prompted by a new, pending State requirement that public venues–playing fields, trails, parks and downtown areas–now must provide for separate collection, sorting and disposal of trash and recyclables.

Town officials are implementing the Carry In, Carry Out policy on a pilot basis, saying the mandate from the State would prove too costly for the Parks and Recreation Department, requiring significantly more time and labor to collect, sort and dispose of recyclables in addition to trash.

“The incremental costs of compliance and potential harsh fines for noncompliance makes carry in, carry out a no brainer,” says chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission, Pete Connolly.

As part of the program, field and park users are now responsible for removing all of their own trash or recyclables. Signs will be posted informing users of the new policy. Officials say the pilot program is consistent with the Town’s commitment to conservation and sustainability.

However, Parks & Rec has exempted some of the most widely-used town facilities from the program, for the time being:  Veteran’s Memorial Stadium; Kristine Lilly Soccer Field, Middlebrook Softball Fields (Field 1 & Field 2), Merwin Meadows and Schenck’s Island will not be included in the pilot program, and the town is placing separate recycling and trash receptacles at these locations.

Any questions about the program should be directed to Steve Pierce, the director of Parks and Recreation via email or by calling 203.834.6234, ext. 6.