Thinking of ways to congratulate Wilton’s Class of 2020, a lot of ideas come to mind–parades, balloons, parties, and planting Sugar Maple Trees?

Ambler Farm, in conjunction with Wilton’s “Adopt a Senior” Initiative, wants to plant two sugar maple trees at the Wilton landmark. The first tree commemorates Wilton High School‘s graduating class, and the second tree celebrates Wilton’s College graduates.

“It is so important for us to support this year’s graduating seniors,” said Tim Burt, Ambler Farm’s executive director. “This may be the most unique year in the history of schooling, and we felt compelled to let our students know how important they are to us. Many of these young adults have grown up participating in our programs and they are a part of our family.”

Near each tree will sit a plaque, the HS version will state:

“This sugar maple is dedicated to the Wilton HS Class of 2020. This year, we learned an important lesson about nourishing ourselves and others. It is our hope this tree will continue to nourish others by offering a shady spot for visitors and our animals, and sweet maple syrup produced from its sap.”

So far, $1,870 has been raised of the $4,000 goal. To donate, visit Ambler Farm online. Donations will be accepted through June 30.