A group of Wilton residents is working on putting together a special temporary art installation to illustrate the many diverse backgrounds that make up Wilton’s population. Called the Wilton Heritage Project, the organizers say it’s an effort to support unity and respect for all by portraying the wide array of countries and cultures of origins represented by Wilton’s 18,000 residents.

“We all can trace our heritage back to one or many cultures–whether you are first generation, your immigrant relatives date back generations, or your heritage includes Native American ancestry. Our country is a beautiful tapestry and so is our small town,” says Martha Borrero, one of the organizers.

While the final concept is still being developed, the group envisions some sort of exhibit or artistic way of interpreting the many, many nationalities of people who now call Wilton home. They’re discussing location with town and civic leaders and plan on displaying the work in Wilton Center. Whether it incorporates flags or maps is still yet to be seen, but Borrero says, “The intent is to create something visually impactful and beautiful as a celebration of our diverse cultural heritage we all share in our town.”

Borrero hopes that everyone who lives in Wilton will email the Heritage Project group to share their heritage–whether it’s a single country or several–so that everyone can be represented in the project. All responses, she says, will be anonymous and confidential. She is targeting Monday, Nov. 28 as the deadline to get responses in, as the group is aiming to have the display installed before Christmas, Dec. 25.

After putting just one post on social media asking for responses a little more than 24 hours ago, the group has already started hearing from people.

“We’ve only gotten a few responses so far but it’s already getting me excited and it seems people are happy to share. I’m hoping there will be multiple ways we can utilize this info under the initiative of the Wilton Heritage Project,” Borrero says, adding, “As a town, we look forward to celebrating the rich and varied heritage of all our residents.”