Wilton’s registrars of voters want to make sure anyone who changed an address n the last year is registered to vote properly. As required by law, the registrars are launching their 2019 Annual Canvass of Voters to try and reach those voters and update the voter rolls accordingly.

The State of Connecticut requires registrars to conduct a canvass of voters who have changed their address or PO Box with the US Postal Service in the past year. That’s in addition to efforts made by Wilton’s registrars of voters to update the town’s official voter list on a daily basis throughout the year—with voter additions, changes, and removals.

Democratic registrar Karen Birck and Republican registrar Annalisa Stravato will soon be sending out letters to those voters who have changed their mailing address, which will include an official inquiry to be signed and returned within 30 days, confirming their current residential address.

The registrars urge any voters receiving the letter to respond by the 30-day deadline to avoid inaccuracies in their voter files.

For questions about the annual canvass, contact the Wilton registrars of voters via email or call their office at Town Hall at 203.563.0111.