Keeping Wilton’s official voter list accurate and updated is a regular daily task for Wilton’s registrars of voters—approving new voters, processing address changes or party affiliations, and removing from the list those voters who are no longer eligible to vote here. But each January, all Connecticut registrars conduct an additional canvass of voters whose names appear on the US Postal Service’s National Change of Address (NCOA) report with an address or PO Box change.

Connecticut law requires registrars to research all such address changes and send those voters an official inquiry to be signed and returned within 30 days, confirming their current residential address. Those who have moved out of town and reside elsewhere are not eligible to remain on Wilton’s official voter list.

Registered voters must be US citizens, turn 18 by the next general election, and be bona fide residents of Wilton. Students may choose to register to vote either where they attend school or where their families live. When students have completed their education, they should register to vote where they live.

The registrars urge any voter receiving the letter of inquiry to respond by the 30-day deadline to avoid inaccuracies in their voter files. For questions about the annual canvass of voters, contact Wilton’s registrars via email or call them at Town Hall at 203.563.0111.